Memoire No Hogosha #p


The voice whispered softly into his ears.

"The one and only reason why we do what we do."

He knew he had not much time left. The pain that he felt so intensely just moments ago were slowly being replaced by a feeling of numbness. His head was beginning to feel light, as he struggled to maintain consciousness. His blood glistened under the lights of Kuala Lumpur.

"So, how does it feel, dying on top of one of the most tallest building in the world?" the voice mocked him. He could almost feel the sneer behind it.

"And after this, one of your Hogosha's most sacred relics will be under our command," the voice continued. That was exactly what he was trying to prevent, as he continued to channel his remaining energy into his sword, the relic that the voice was referring to. All he needs to do now is to stall time. He tried to speak, but coughed out blood instead, and it seemed to amuse his captor. At least it worked, he supposed.

"Trying to blurt out some philosophical arguments I suppose?" said the voice, before launching into another one of his victory monlogues. Bad guys, they always love to talk instead of finishing their job, he thought to himself. Just a few seconds more. 

".... and now I suppose it's time to finish you off and take for myself the legendary Fo Glacialis," the voice returned.

"Never," he said with his last breath, before a bright light engulfed the top of the Twin Towers. The light then broke into a million pieces, raining down what seemed like pink petals unto the streets below. The dazzling display surprised the hundreds of people who were walking below, unaware that one of modern day's most defining sword fight had just happened a few hundred meters above them. Authorities tomorrow would try to explain the situation as part of a regular practice, though they were equally clueless about the situation as well.

The voice could only curse under its breath.


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