Memoire No Hogosha #3

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"What do you mean you cannot find it?!" the figure in the dark bellowed, its voice shaking the already aging structures of the building. The commotion woke the birds which were nesting there, who grudgingly flew away thinking that predators were out to get them. The other four figures who were kneeling in front of the voice's owner could only shiver in fear, wishing that they too could fly away like the birds.

"We... we tried , sir... but it seemed that after the explosion, the sword the just vanished," the creature on the far right tried to explain, trying not to go to near his master. He would prefer to stay alive a little longer, if possible, knowing how the last one who disappointed his master ended up.
The figure glared at his minions, the anger inside him boiling. Without the Fo Glacialis, only half the battle has been won, and the Hogoshas may just have another chance of rising up again. The mere thought of it made him angrier, and at the end of it, he let out one last bloodcurdling scream, that sent the four creatures below him scurrying away for safety. 


"So the rumours are true then, that Master Tom indeed has been lost," said another figure, at another part of the city. It paced somberly around the table where the rest of the Hogoshas were stood, trying to gather its thoughts.

"How about the Glacialis?" it asked.

"No idea, sir. There's a high chance that it had taken by the Deleos, though we cannot be exactly sure of it," the person who was standing by the door replied. It was him who reported the confirmed news of Master Tom's disappearance to the rest of the Hogoshas, after being sent to investigate the reason behind Master Tom's late arrival. He pieced together the information gathered from eyewitnesses and his sources about the events that took place over the last two days, and came to the inevitable conclusion that the very man who was supposed to save them had been eliminated.

"I doubt Tom would have let the sword fall into the Deleo's hand so easily, and legend says that the Fo Glacialis will only reveal itself to those who are worthy, so I'm not worried about that. What I am more worried now is..." the figure continued, before stopping mid sentence. He raised one of his hands to scratch his beard, an action that he usually does when he is deep in thought. If it is indeed true that their help has been compromised, then the battle here has already been lost. Right now the only logical move would be to retreat southwards, towards Singapore.

He could only pray that the Fo Glacialis would not fall into the wrong hands, or the coming battles in the days to come will be exceedingly short.


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