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"What the?" was the first two words that Joshua uttered when he finally came to. The last thing he remembered was touching the frozen rose petal by the roadside, before feeling a chill right down to his spine, followed by a blinding white light. And now he was here, no longer in a place he was familiar with. But where was he exactly?

Joshua took a look around him. He was in the middle of a vast unending span of white, it was like he was floating up in an empty void, filled only with white light. He tried to take a few steps, but there was nothing solid underneath his feet, only the same white that surrounds him. For as far as his eyes can see, there was only the whiteness. 

However, the white that Joshua was seeing was not the type of white light that was normally cast out from a fluorescent lamp. Rather, it reminded Joshua of something that he had once seen long ago, back when he was in the US. It reminded him of snow. The white unending colour of the snow that you would see out in the countryside after a night of heavy snowfall.

And strangely enough, just as Joshua began to thought about the snow, he began to notice the strange coolness that was surrounding him too. It felt as if he was standing in a freezer, the chill was seeping in through his skin, but although he knew he was feeling cold, it did not bother him one bit. His brain was telling him that the room was cold, but his body didn't reacted as how it would normally when it's in a cold condition. No shivering, no discomfort.

"So you were the one who was able to see my Fo Glacialis," came a whisper, hidden together with a soft breeze that momentarily broke the stillness of the place Joshua was standing in. Joshua turned around to see where the voice was coming from, but it seemed as if the voice was part of the wind itself.

"I guess you must be someone quite special to have Glace choose you." Another breeze.

"And now, it's time to impart the memories unto you."

Before he could ask or say anything, a gust of wind enveloped Joshua, as he found himself to be suddenly flooded with memories that are not his.

"It will be some time before you can fully comprehend everything," the voice said, amidst the barrage of information that was entering Joshua's mind. He found himself to be reliving the lives of many that came before him, glimpsing snapshots of various battles, journeys and people. In each of them, a white sword was clearly visible, the theme that binds all the memories together. The glimpses ended with a sight that was familiar to Joshua's eyes, the night view of Kuala Lumpur's skyline. And there was pain, a lot of it. As someone who has never really experienced any intense activities before, the pain caught Joshua completely off guard. It overwhelmed him.

Before his vision fade, Joshua caught a glimpse of the white sword that he has seen in all the memories materializing in front of him. And then everything faded back into black.
Memoire No Hogosha: List of Chapters


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