Menlook is now in Singapore

Shopping online as a guy is often not easy. Especially in Singapore, where most of the online blog shops or shopping sites are tailored to girls. Land on the main page of most online shopping sites, and it is normally filled with girls modelling the latest female fashion. When there's sale, it would usually concentrate on female fashion as well. At least for my self, I find shopping online for guys to be slightly less convenient due to the dominance of the female market.

However, come this March, an exclusive online shopping site catering to guys and guys only will be coming to Singapore. Called Menlook and hailing from France, this site offers all the latest fashion choices for the sophisticated guy who enjoys looking his best and keeping up with the all the latest fashion trends.

the main page of menlook, which I think is quite well polished

With more than 250 fashion brands offered, allows customers to come up with their own own ideal look, where you can choose from well-known brands like Timberland to luxury brands like Acne. Not matter what your taste, you can rest assured that there would definitely be something to suit your style. I think the exclusiveness also allows you to shop easier in the site too, without distractions such as the latest sale on the electric shaver to distract you

the brands that you can find on the website

Menlook is not just any male fashion site though, as they work closely with industry experts to uncover the latest fashion, as well with designers to offer limited edition products. Menlook also offers their own quarterly print magazine, The Menlook Tribune, as well as a lookbook every season. Both are available online. I personally find that they have quite interesting styles as well, and if you're running out ideas on how to design your look, you can always get ideas from there.

formal serious wear

it's like looking at Ikea!

The choices of clothes are not limited to pants and tops though, as you have a selection of choices from top to bottom. There's watches as well as shoes, and even grooming products! In a way, you could say that how the whole of your body looks is taken care of. Which is kinda awesome though, because it's like a one stop destination for everything. Say if you have a big prom coming, you can just head to the site and grab everything from there, without having to browse through tons of website to get your idea look.

they have cool looking watches too!

Shipping is done worldwide under only one courier (UPS) to ensure consistency, and Menlook has been featured several times already in leading fashion magazines for their record. 

Best of all, in conjunction with Menlook's opening in Singapore, all readers of lukeyishandsome(dot)com is entitled to 10% discount off the items that you buy when you checkout! Just input the code LUKEYISMENLOOK when you check out for your 10% discount off any items in the store. Other than that, is also having two other offers right now, which is:

1. Buy 1 the second at 50% off on all denim items (jeans, shirts etc…) with code DENIM50

2. 20% on all shoes with code SHOES

Do check them out!


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