A Phone Cover That Shouts Your Style

Humans love to be unique. We love to set ourselves apart from each other, which is why when it comes to dressing up or how we look, we would choose something that showcases our personality. From the watches we wear to the accessories we put on to the hairstyle that we sport, all of them are part of how we express ourselves. And together in that list we can find our cellphone as well.

From the model of phone that we buy to the phone cover that we use, all of those are part of how we express our identity. Love the minions? A cute minion phone cover will definitely be the one that you choose over the Power Rangers one. With so much time spent outside of our pockets or bags, the way our phone look as become a part of our identity and what better way to express ourselves than to have a phone cover design that totally shouts your style? With Kase, you can just do that. And at an affordable price too.

source: iisjong.com

The first store in Singapore which specializes in phone case customization in Singapore, The Kase SG is all about making your phone totally stand out in its own way, in your way, which is kinda awesome. Just imagine hanging out with your friends and taking out your phone with your face as the cover. That is definitely bound to turn some heads. Or can't get enough of your boyfriend? Print him on your phone! Or perhaps you want to publicize your company or an event? Print it on your phone!
The Kase has been well established around the globe with shops in Europe as well as Asia, and I was one of the lucky few to be the early birds to try out this new customize-your-phone-cover thing in Singapore. Must thank Kase SG for that, of course.

There's two Kase outlets that you can find in Singapore, one being at Ion Orchard (#B2-27) and the other at Parkway Parade (#B1-105/151). I visited the one at Ion today to have my S3 customized, and I must say, other than being able to design your own cover, the store also had other pretty impressive designs that you may not find anywhere else.

some of the designs you can find there

According to the staff (me in all my social awkwardness have forgotten to ask him for a name), they have their own designers to help design the phone covers in the store, which meant that every few months there would be a complete change in the phone designs. You can find almost any design there, from abstract designs to popular pop icons.

this has got to be my favorite

Of course, if you're someone who prefers to have something completely unique to your own, you can choose to bring your own design to the store (by storing it in your phone first). Or if you have waiting, you can head to The Kase's website and send in your design there, and wait for your cover to be printed before going to collect it.

But f you choose to do it in store, depending on the number of people there, the waiting time can take from anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes, which in the meantime you can go to have a quick drink or shopping trip while waiting. The way you do it is pretty cool, actually. There's a station where you can sit and customize your design, in which you can choose how big or small as you want it, and insert some text in the meantime as well.

the place where you can add the finishing touch to your design before sending it to print

The process was surprisingly fast, it took less than 10 minutes for mine, and by the end of the day, voila, you have an awesome looking phone cover that no one has. 

purposely wearing red to suit le phone cover

Of course, with me being a blogger with a URL that proclaims my good looks, I had to print something that indirectly publicizes me. Not forgetting a cartoonized handsome face of mine.

The cover customization is not limited only to phone, fortunately, as you can also choose to print your own design on your tablet cover. The full range of products that The Kase caters to can be found on their website, so you can check that out before heading to their store. I must comment that the staff at Ion Orchard's Kase was quite helpful too in answeing all my queries and keeping me entertained, which is quite commendable. Though I must once again admit that I have failed socially in not asking his name.

At the end of the day, I must say I am quite impressed with the quality of the cover itself. The material itself is quite sturdy and according to Mr Nice Staff they are scratch proof. Or course I wouldn't want to risk it by trying it out, but yeah. Other than that, The Kase has a lot of ongoing activities as well on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/thekasesg, so do make sure to give their page a thumbs up (like). As for me, I am going to fall asleep tonight while admiring my new phone cover.


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