Twenty Random Thoughts #160214

1. I don't want tomorrow to arrive. Which is why I am refusing to sleep, despite numerous reasons to

2. I am hating myself for not producing any blog post today

3. But then again, I did wake up at 1.30pm, travelled to Bishan from CCK to play board games until 8pm, followed by another round of computer game with my dear friend Chee Eng until 12am

4. I should probably allow myself to only play computer games when I have churned out a blog post

5. I want to write about how I hate going to the gym as compared to running, but I am afraid to provoke the onslaught of gym enthusiasts, hence this post came up instead

6. I hate going to the gym because of the feeling that of being judged there. Eyes tend to linger on you for long, and people tend to observe you as you lift weights or press benches, as if to see if you're doing anything wrong. The level of privacy is much lower there, and the social pressure much higher. It makes me uncomfortable, and not forgetting every now and then you get someone who is very keen on showing off.

7. I love running because of how it is up to my own pace and yet I am not really alone, and I enjoy taking in the different sights and sounds as I run. It is more relaxing and less intimidating. Of course, one downside on my overly focus on running is the under-utilization of my arms:

8. I think I would still need to go to gym. Or maybe buy some dumbells to put into my home

9. Valentines Day 2014 has ended, and despite how painfully aware I am made to the fact that I am single with the gazillion of posts on my Facebook newsfeed showing couples happily together, I am slowly learning the value of waiting. I am also trying to convince myself that the longer I wait, the more patience that I have, the person who will eventually turn up will be an awesome one instead. Provided if someone would fall in love with me in the first place, a painfully inadequate childish boy

10. I still don't want tomorrow to come, because Monday will soon follow

11. I still need to progress a lot to become a fully experienced psychologist

12. I hate how Psychology is the only field that requires you to take a bloody masters in order to be licensed, and without it you are just a poorly paid fellow

13. Masters is something that I don't have money for. What I have is a whole bunch of legitimate debt, called the student loan

14. I am waiting for a miracle to happen

15. It most probably won't

16. Wondering how far more downhill I have to go before things start looking bright again

17. Twitch plays Pokemon is insanely funny, given how discoordinated everyone is. But hey, we still managed to beat several gym leaders already with the internet's concentrated effort. I am betting that sooner or later people will be bored by it. It is just a question of when

18. I just see the name of someone coming online. Resisting the urge to say something stupid

19. I should probably go to sleep

20. Good night world


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