[Press Release] Save some bucks with online coupons

The phrase “at your fingertips” has ever been truer today, where you can literally get anything at your fingertips or to be more accurate, at a click of a mouse. Malaysians have been veering towards online shopping in recent years due to the convenience it offers. You can buy practically anything online with copious online shops mushrooming on the World Wide Web.

However, now there is a better reason to shop online, other than the convenience of it. You can save some money by buying online!

With the boom in major online shopping platforms, such as Zalora – being the most well-known e-commerce websites in Singapore – you can not only grab anything from the comfort of your seat and have them delivered to your doorstep, you can grab them at a cheaper price as well.

Understanding that most online shoppers in this digital age are savvy deal hunters, these online shopping websites now offer shoppers online coupons to enjoy great discounts on their purchases.

 One of Zalora’s best deals is their month-long voucher, which gives shoppers 20% off on any of their purchase and is valid for the whole month. There are many other hidden discounts and offers out there, but with millions of coupons available on the internet, how do we find the ones that we really need and the ones that can be trusted?

Here are a few practical tips to becoming the best online hunter/huntress:

1. Credibility is king

Some people are skeptical about doing their shopping online because they do not have faith in online transactions. Therefore, the first step to being an astute online shopper is to only shop on credible online websites.

The Internet is a shopping wonderland, but it is also populated with many sites designed to scam users. In Singapore, credible e-commerce online shopping sites include Zalora, Expedia and Zuji which are known for their consistency in providing the best services to their customers.

Websites like these have high trust scores among users and pull in an average of 60,000 visits a day. Hence, you can rest assured that purchases made on these sites are legitimate. If you are unsure, do a Google search on the website or company for more information. Pay attention to comments and reviews by other customers which will help you eliminate scammers.

2. Clipping virtual coupons

Secondly, e-commerce giants, such Zalora offer coupons frequently. Many shoppers are unaware of the special coupon codes - mainly because it’s time consuming to comb the Internet for them every time you want to buy something.

But these coupon codes give incredible discounts, saving you up to 50% on your purchase. One of the easiest ways to keep your finger on the pulse with all valid coupon codes is to use websites that focus purely on online coupons, such as iPrice.sg.

3. T & C always apply

Like all coupons, online or otherwise, terms and conditions do apply. Before using a coupon, read up and understand the fine prints to make the most out of each coupon code. The terms would also highlight the expiration date for the voucher codes. Some online coupons are made for a specific product or product category, such as clothing, home appliances, or electronics.

By being aware of the restrictions that apply to each coupon, you will be well on your way to getting the best deals on the Internet and save some money in the process. iPrice.sg is the best coupon codes site in Singapore

Imagine scouring a huge market just to find the cheapest and best pair of shoes. It is a tiring process and most people would probably give up half way, missing out on the opportunity to enjoy great discounts and value.

However, instead of searching endlessly on the Internet every time you want to purchase something online, having all the coupons available on one site will make your life much easier. For example, you can just go here to get all the codes for Zalora. iPrice.sg provides daily updates on coupon codes for all your favourite online stores, ensuring you never have to miss out on a great deal.

With an overwhelming amount of coupon websites in Malaysia, which is really the best?

iPrice.sg gives you daily up-to-date coupon codes with the aim of simplifying online purchases, thereby saving you time and money. All you have to do is search for your preferred online store on iPrice.sg and get all the latest deals available. Shopping online has never been easier!


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