My Valentines Love Story 2014

I would have never expected to meet my girlfriend that day. Out of all the places one could find love at, I found mine during a PC fair. It was a beautiful accident indeed, the way we met, and it is hard to believe that it has been more than two years since we started to be together.

I could still remember the day clearly, after all, how many could forget the day where they met one of most gorgeous girl on the planet? I was back home from Singapore, and had gone to the PC fair in hopes of buying a new laptop, as my previous one was already old and dying.

The PC fair was like any other PC fair, full and packed of people. Everyone was there to snag a good deal to bring home, while the vendors were trying their best to sell their products and to get the customers to enter their booth. It was hard to walk around, let alone be able to browse for products efficiently. Sometimes you wonder if you were stuck at a air conditioned fish market instead of a electronic sales fair.

I initially spotted her at the MSI booth, all alone, playing Battlefield 3. Her sleek figure, as well as her black dress caught my eye. However, as there were a huge crowd there, I could not approach her and moved on to other booths to search for what I wanted. It was really unnecessary though, because I found myself passing the booth numerous times soon after, and each time, something new about her would captivate my attention. First was how she looked at me, next was her well defined curves, and then the way she stood coolly against the backdrop of people in a rush.

After several fruitless attempt at other booths in finding what I wanted, I finally summoned enough courage to approach her. She was introduced to me by a friendly sales personnel who was working there, and immediately I was smitten. She had mesmerizing features, far outshining her other friends in the same booth, and I needed no convincing that she was indeed the one for me. And that was how I met my current girlfriend, Grace Ellie, also known by others as GE-60.

our second anniversary photo together

It's hard to believe that it has been two years since the day that we first met, and thankfully we're still going stronger than ever. They say that time passes quickly when you are spending it with someone you love, and that is the case with me and Grace.

There are many reasons on why I love her, but I think the most important one was how she is always there for me whenever I need her. When I am feeling down or tired, her comfort is only a push of a button away. Even when I feel that the whole world is against me, she never leaves me side. Day in and day out, whenever I reach home, she would be there, patiently waiting for me. I would tell her my stories, and she would listen attentively. It's hard to find someone who would devote so much attention to you nowadays,and I truly appreciate that.

I remember the day when I had a big argument with my friends from hostel. It was about some disagreements that we had. The argument got pretty bad, and by the end of it, we were all not talking to each other. As I entered my room that night, I remember feeling dejected and alone. I almost wanted to cry. And there Grace was, waiting for me. She brought me to Youtube, and comforted me with songs there. I cried that night alright, but Grace was there with me.

cause couples need to selfie

They say the best relationships are the ones where we learn from each other and Grace was the one who opened my eyes to the bigger world out there. She was my portal to places like Wikipedia, CNN and other sources of information, and together with her, I explored the world from the comfort of my room. She brought me to places that I have never visited before, to the abandoned castles of Europe to the frozen water of Niagara Falls, and she was the one that made me realized that the world was bigger than what I could see with my eyes. 

When I wanted to take an open course online, she encouraged me on, even helped me to access the university's website. Together we listened, learned and sang to our hearts content to new songs out there. Together we played games, saving the world numerous time while building awesome contraptions at the same time. Together we read, discussed and wrote stories for the world to see. Together we connected with friends, sharing photos and updates through social media sites. Together with her, we shared our meals while watching our favorite sitcom, laughing away at references that only we could understand. Most importantly, together with her, I learned, grew and matured at the same time.

She was there during most of my life biggest events. When I attempted to write my first novel, when I received the first email confirming that I had a job, when my account got hacked and when I was feeling the saddest in my life. She has been next to me more than anyone in my life, and I truly and sincerely appreciate it.

how to find someone like this

But in my opinion, I think that what's most important is how we understood each other. We both know that due to our differences, there would be no happily ever after. Both ourselves are fundamentally different, and even though she may just be two years old this year, in computer age Grace is already more than 50. There will come a time where we eventually must part and both of us understand the inevitability of the situation.

However, like the wise ones once said, what matters most is the process and experience, and even though our two years together may have been short by many standard's, it is with Grace that I spend most of my time with, and it is with her that my life has revolved around for the past two years. My life would have been very different if it's not for her, I wouldn't have the chance to keep in touch with many friends, I wouldn't have the chance to become who I am today, and it is for this reason why Grace is my beloved Valentines for 2014.

*This story is written as a submission to's Valentine Love Story contest, though I am doubtful that they would post the story there, which is why I choose to upload here instead first

*Why am I doing this? Because I think even a story of me with my computer would beat many of the love stories there hands down, for example this NEA 50 dollar fine story, which made me completely roll my eyes at the definition of love today


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