How Stomp.Sg Works Nowadays

1. Random person finds something that disgusts certain random person, ie girl who is too sexy, NS man committing some minor offences or simple someone with a face problem.

2. Random person snaps a picture unknowingly, posts it to Stomp with some controversial title, with words like disgrace or shameful. 

Source: Stomp.Sg

3. Picture gets posted online, random person gets 50 dollars, while the rest of Singapore comes to judge. Each in their own variety of ways.

4. Random person is 50 dollars richer, Stomp.Sg gets more visits (which translates into more revenue) while the rest of the internet walks off feeling slightly better of themselves. The world ends up being a slightly better place, win win situation.

5. The fear of being "Stomped" becomes part of the culture, where people end up being more civilized because they are afraid that anything they do might be posted online. Singapore levels up in social civility.

6. World peace is achieved. Or not.

Instead of stepping in and help in social situations where help is needed, many have argued in an increase of bystander effect when an incident is taking place. As narrated by Elite Daily in one of their articles, people now tend to take out their cell phones to record or photograph something before anything else, even if there might be a life threatening situation at hand. Who knows? Maybe in the near future we will have people scrambling to take the first photo of an event and upload it for the first 50 dollars.


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