Dear Diary - Epilogue

Alex gazed upon the land across the sea, trying to imagine what it would have been like to have lived there before the "Outbreak", as how the adults called it. Three tall structures with what Alex thought looked like a plate above them stood far in the distance, overshadowing the smaller buildings in the horizon. The adults told him that the three buildings used to be a famous hotel, but he had no idea what a hotel is, except that it must have been a really big building. Neither does he have any idea of what a ferris wheel might be either, except that it is hugely round in shape, and that people can sit on it.

"Still thinking about going over to the main island huh, kid?" came a voice from behind him.

"Hi, Uncle Mike. And no, I was just thinking of dad," Alex replied, which was half-true because aside from thinking about the ferris wheel, he was wondering if dads used to bring their sons there as part of a bonding ritual. The book that his dad wrote a long time ago, more than a decade, was tucked comfortably in the pocket in his clothes. A pocket that his mother sewn especially for him when he refused to part ways with the book after knowing that it was the single item that reminded him of his dad.

Uncle Mike stood before him, gazing into the same island that Alex was looking at just now. It had been Uncle Mike's home, his mother's home and even his father's home for a really long time but for him, the only home that he knew was this island, the place where he was born. He was told many stories by Uncle Mike, Uncle David, Aunt Julie and even his own mother, about monsters with grey skin who still inhabit the island, about how life used to be, about something called the Black Mall experiment, about how his father heroically gave his life for his mother, about how Uncle Mike along with Uncle David and Uncle Jack tried to locate his father, only to find a leftover diary, and about how big the world used to be. Alex had trouble understanding all the story, because the only world that he ever experienced was on this small island, south of the land where the hotel and the ferris wheel stood.

"One day, we will take back the island," Uncle Mike suddenly said, his voice filled with nostalgia. They say that the monsters called zeds still inhabit the land of the hotel and the ferris wheel, and far from dying, they are multiplying. The adults mumble about regaining contact with the rest of the world to see what was going on but as far as Alex was concerned, the people on the island are of the people that he knew.

"Come, let us go back to home, shall we?" Uncle Mike asked, and Alex obliged. As he walked towards the direction of his home, stealing one last look at the land of the hotel and the ferris wheel, and wondered what his father would have done.


P/s: This story is part of the ongoing series, Dear Diary, that I am writing in hopes of getting it published. I try to read through it several times before I upload it, but time and time again grammar mistakes might elude me. So if you spot anything do let me know, and I will correct it asap. Thanks!


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