#100HappyDays - Day 1

My friends always complain about me complaining. One of them, perhaps tired of my antics, pointed me to the 100 Happy Days Challenge website today, and asked me to take on the challenge. I thought it was a fun thing to do, since science has indeed proven that counting your blessings do make you happier. Besides, it would make good blog fodder material too.

The challenge is simple. Take a picture of what makes you happy everyday, for a hundred days. Share them. And commit it to memory. Count your blessings. So here goes Day 1:


100 Happy Days Challenge, Day 1:

Happy is having colleagues who are friends more than colleagues. The ones whom you can hang out with after several months of not meeting, just to have a dinner. The ones whom you can tell lame jokes to, or share almost anything with. Who laughs at your Malaysian Chinese accent. Who makes your job much less duller and much more enjoyable


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