I'm Back Mining and Crafting

There are very few games in the world that has a high replayability value, one that feels as if you are starting for the first time every time you play it again, and Minecraft is one of the very few games. It was one of the first games that I bought, more than a few years ago, and after more than three multiplayer worlds, I am finally back in again. With a few friends of course.

my ichigo skin reminds me of a time so long ago, when I still loved Bleach

We've done a few crazy and amusing things in one night, one which included building our very own Olaf, whom serves as a receptionist too:

Of course, whenever I am playing Minecraft I would always end up with a massive lost of self-confidence by the end of the game because a.) I am no good when it comes to designing and b.) I suck more when it comes to building mechanisms, two skills which are essential in making your own awesome mark in the game.

Sometimes I cannot help but wonder how on earth do the people build magnificent structures and overly complex mechanisms that could do things that you never knew was achievable, like a self-breeding and harvesting chicken machine.

Still that does not deter me from doing my own little things in the game, for example building a small hut for myself on top of a hill far far away, just to hide from everything else. But other than that, I consider today's adventure quite productive, since the town hall that I helped build did not look so bad after all.

And of course, to commemorate the beginning of our new adventure, we had a cake.


Short term aim for time being? I'm gonna help build a functional and decent looking town. Hopefully.


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