Frozen: Why I Liked Elsa More Than Anna

Ever since being released last year, Disney's Frozen has been one of the most widely talked about and one of the most loved films ever. It should come as no surprise though, given how different the story was portrayed, and I personally think that it was one of the best movies in 2013, in fact one of the best Disney movies so far (if you have not watched it, you are really missing out on something big).

Anyways, as we all should have known by know, the movie is about two sisters, Anna and Elsa, and how they come to accept each other, and themselves, during the initial part of their lives. Now while the movie centered mostly on Anna and her love story with Kristoff, and how many of my friends seem to be more attracted to Anna, and to think that she would be their ideal girlfriend, I can't help but to be the odd one out and to pick Elsa over Anna.

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Don't get me wrong, Anna has a lot of positive qualities herself, from her optimism to her never-say-die attitude to her innocence and her naivety, and she may be the main character of the movie, but it was Elsa that I would vie for. Here's several reasons why:

1. Her maturity at a young age

Standing in direct contrast to Anna's innocence and naivety, who is eager to explore the world and to fall in love instantly, Elsa understood responsibility and is mature in how she handled things. Even though she was taught from young to shut out the world and not allowed any social contact with anyone, even the younger sister whom she loved so much, she did not lash out at her parents like any little children would. She understood perfectly well why she was shut out, and she accepted it without any complaints. Even after her parents passed away, she could have just opened the door and embraced her sister, now that her parents were not there, but still she stood her ground, doors closed, still holding on to her father's advice.

For almost ten plus years, she was able to endure the loneliness for the sake of her sister and follow the instruction from her parents, and that I find it most commendable. I'm sure in most of our case, our parents were already having headache with us at a young age, but Elsa's parents knew that they could trust her.

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2. Her sense of responsibility

Building on the previous point, even though her only source of comfort and guidance was gone, Elsa did not break down. For three years she held on, until the day of her coronation. I don't know about you, but to me, accepting the responsibility to rule a nation is no simple matter. It's something that requires an enormous amount of responsibility and leadership.

And despite her not very happy early years, Elsa did not shirk from her duties. She understood fully well that as the older sibling, she had to take the crown. You could see how nervous she was prior to the coronation, but despite that, she knew that she has a nation to lead, people to look after, and despite all the insecurity that she faced she became the queen. She could have taken the easier route out and gave the throne to Anna and go live her happy life, but she understood that Anna was not yet ready, which was why she took the crown.

And even after the coronation, she could have gone berserk and transform into an evil snow queen, but she didn't. When she found out that her powers were discovered, she didn't go "Bwahaha, now bow before me!", but instead ran away to protect everyone (not the best method, but the intention was there). I mean how many girls would choose to assume a position of incredible responsibility instead of having fun?

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3. She was not without her shortcomings

But despite everything all the responsibility and maturity that she portrayed, she was not without her flaws. She was afraid when she became queen. She ran off when her powers were discovered. She was insecure. She was fearful of her powers. And she was afraid to feel.

I personally loved this part of her, because it portrayed the human side of her. She has her emotions after all, not the ice queen that Anna may think she is on the outside. She merely chose to hide her emotions for the sake of what she thought was the correct reason. And it seemed to made her strengths stand out even more, because despite all her insecurity and fears, she chose to do the right thing, even though it may be more difficult.

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4. She loves deeply

I think this point doesn't need to be elaborated. From the start to the end of the film, everything that she did, every pain that she went through, was because of her love for her sister. Sure love makes us do lots of irrational things, but it is those irrational things that stand in testament to our love. She was willing to undergo the pain of separation and loneliness because she thought that it was the best for her sister. She never blame her sister for the predicament that she is in, and at the end, when she found out that her sister was turned into ice, you could see how heartbroken she was. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I think is true love. Just imagine how lucky the guy is to be loved by her.

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5. She knows what is love

Not only does Elsa loves deeply, she is also not impulsive and knows that true love does not come easily. And that means that she would not immediately fall in love with anyone that she meets, and she knows what she wants in a guy. She is not desperate for love, and is willing to wait for it. Sure, it would be harder for guys to go after her (they actually need to chase her) but I find that to be okay because I don't believe that love at first sight exists, and all true relationships start from friendship and getting to know each other first. After all, who on earth marries someone that you've just met?

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6. She isn't afraid to kick some ass

And when situation calls for it, she can kick some ass. I mean she has an awesome ice power after all, and even with two trained guards going after her, she is able to hold her ground and not give in. She is able to fight for herself when the situation calls for it, and I personally find that hot. She's not a person you want to mess with, that's for sure.

P/s: There is also no need to be afraid of burglars, robbers or bullies too with her around

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7. She has a fun side to her too

She may be ice queen on the outside, but deep inside, she is also a girl that knows how to have fun when the situation permits it. Remember how she used to play with snow when she was young, and how at the end of the movie she created a sort of giant ice skating rink for all her citizens? In a way, she is not unlike Anna, who loves to have fun and enjoys herself. In fact, she does too, but chooses to focus on more important things when it needs to be.

So one does not have to really worry about her being too cool and all, cause she is just equally fun and playful inside, which I think is important cause if not your relationship will be a very very dull one.

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8. And did you see her in her transformation during the Let It Go sequence?

I mean did you really see it? How can a guy not drop his jaws with such a beautiful woman as his partner? The way she walked, the way she tied her hair, THAT DRESS. Just OMGed.

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And there you have it, 8 reasons why Elsa is totally my type of girl, even though Anna may be the lead character. She's much more mysterious, much more matured, and deeper in a way. And I feel that she's the type of woman that one should marry and keep for the rest of their life.


  1. Some good analysis and explanation you have there! I absolutely LOVE Elsa too! ^^
    But I beg to differ on the first part about people liking Anna. Not that people don't like her, many do, but from comments online and websites like youtube, tumblr and blogs, I think more people like Elsa compared to Anna :P

  2. You know... I didn't know why I favored her so much more than anna. Loved anna and her loyalty though but elsa... she wins. Your 8 reasons are valid

  3. first i thought elsa is the main character and Kristoff will be her partner but i'm most impressive scene is elsa was in her room alone with ice's so heart breaking. Maybe Anna is easier to get people's love but Elsa is too special, i don;t know how to describe it but I prefer Elsa the most. I wish she will find a good man in her life.

  4. That last point absolutely makes the case because it ties everything together, as it shows what a GORGEOUS WOMAN she is, and how she really has transformed herself for the better. Mature, sexy, powerful. She is a GODDESS :)

  5. Just watched it and I have to say I like Elsa better. First of all I liked her charchter archetype better. I prefer Elsa's self-sacrifice above Anna's perkiness. Would have liked to see Anna's reaction when she learned the specific event that made Elsa shut her out. Also I think it would have been great if somehow they made Elsa's years of isolation the act of true love; however I'm just happy that they didn't do the kiss true love shtick.


  7. All these points are true, but I can't really agree with number 5. You see, Elsa knew that Anna & Hans wasn't true love, yet she didn't know how to use love herself. When Anna found Elsa in her ice tower, Anna was determined to bring Elsa home and also so she could thaw the land. But you see, Elsa didn't know that LOVE could thaw the land. So I wouldn't say quite yet that Elsa knew what love was. It was after Anna went through her journey and learned from the Trolls, Olaf, and Kristoff. Towards the ending Anna shows Elsa what love is so she can finally put it to action and unthaw the land.

  8. There’s something special about this movie that I’m soooo addicted to it. Maybe because it tells more of sisterly love, something that’s been neglected to most of the romantic animated films. Happy enough that Frozen the movie was a sure hit at home. Lol!
    In my attempt to find hooked viewers as me, I came to your pretty blog. =D thanks for sharing your own thoughts of it!

  9. What personality does Elsa have other than her ice powers?What would she be like WITHOUT them?ANYONE would be like her after her childhood.I want to know the real Elsa.Most people prefer Elsa to Anna,but I'm in the minority when I say I prefer Anna because she's more relatable and well-written.She's so awkward and quirky and immature and imperfect that she's perfect.Never got the hype for Elsa.Everyone says she's SO complex and unique and selfless.I used to love her and prefer her to Anna but now I don't.My opinion btw

  10. anna is much better she is cheerful and optimistic and is always happy shes loving and caring and is the person you can rely on she should hate her sister but has shown nothing but love. shes the rare human we need more in this world

  11. Great points about Elsa, and I'm also madly in love with her. I also love Anna, she is the balance to Elsa's character, not to mention the sisterly love they have between them, so adorable. Elsa's personality was greatly affected by that incident, remember how playful and loving she was before? If one to think she has no personality and only has ice power to show, then you are very shallow. Being the elder sister, she has the great responsibility of being the future Queen, she is very smart, the pressure of keeping composure in front of her subjects and her guests. If that incident never happened, she may have a similar fun-loving personality like Anna but would still have to hide that side of her as part of her duty as future Queen. This is why we understand Elsa's personality is quite complex and unique in her own way.

    Elsa is definitely my dream girl, someone I would like to marry to and live the rest of my life with. But I wouldn't say I have the right to 'keep' her, my feelings towards her would be I want to be there for her in happiness and sadness, and that I hope she loves me as much as I love her. Because let's face it, she is waaaaay out of my league.

  12. i love both because they are really cute but anna is more better than elsa. anna was brave, sensible, loving , and caring elsa was also beautiful and she had amazing powers of ice but powers are not everything . real thing is personality . that' why i like anna

  13. I like Anna and Elsa both but I like anna more than Elsa . Elsa is more prettier than Anna but powers and beauty is not every thing . Anna is caring, loving ,kind and cheerful. She has great personality

  14. One could view the movie as the story of how these two sisters came to know perfect love, because Anna at first is all focused on some "knight in shining armor" or something like that who she thinks will come to rescue her from her dull, boring life (not that I'd blame her for being tired of having to live like that, though), Elsa, meanwhile,locks herself up in her room all by herself in order to protect her sister from her magic, so she clearly loves her deeply, but is still not perfect in love because of the fear within.

  15. From what Ive seen online, I think Elsa is more popular with Frozen fans than Anna. Of course lots of people like Anna's character too, but many seemed to like the fact that Elsa was different to all the other Disney princesses. Personally I prefer Anna's personality, but I think they're both interesting characters in their own way.

  16. I think Elsa is more popular because she's more relatable. The fact we can relate to a cartoon is pretty amazing in of itself. Who hasn't at one time in their life felt alone and alienated, deeply internalizing some human condition you just don't want the world to see. She's a universal metaphor. And that blue dress strut after she lets her hair down, whoa! Puts any supermodel on the runway to shame.


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