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Do you like to club but hate cover charges? And those freakishly long queues that you can usually see outside clubs? Or do you wish hate choosing which clubs to go, and wish that there's something out there that can show you where the most awesome parties happening in Singapore? Or would you enjoy collecting 'points' that you can redeem for drinks every time you visit a club, using only your smartphone?

If you answer yes for any of the questions above, then the latest app that you can find in iTunes and Google Play may just be your answer. Developed as an app to let the users access the latest information about clubs and parties happening all around town, Biggest Baddest Parties does not only let you waive cover charges off selected clubs, it also allows you to collect sort of loyalty points to help you redeem drinks.

So the next time you're feeling bored with your group of friends on a weekend night wondering where you can party for the night without going to the traditional overfilled clubs, all you need to do is to fire up the app and see where you can enter the club without paying cover charges, or find out where the latest promotions and parties are. All by using your smartphone.

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"Biggest Baddest Parties (BBP) is THE PARTY PLATFORM. Available at no charge on Apples' iTunes and Android marketplace stores and the web, BBP connects party goers to parties & clubs. It tells one where the hottest parties are coupled with info on who the attendees at those parties. It affords users privileges such as guestlists (cover charge waivers), drink rewards and incentives for party rocking.

Biggest Baddest Parties (BBP) would like to invite you to come experience first hand the party revolution that has taken root on our very own shores and fast spreading its revolutionary party wings across borders (BBP becomes available to party goers in Indonesia and Philippines in first quarter 2014).

Party goers you've been served. Biggest Baddest Parties has arrived. Join the revolution."

Kenny Ng


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