When Your Dell Screen Cracks

Laptop is a flimsy thing. Even flimsier than a smartphone, if I can add. Because when you drop your smatphone, there is still a chance that it might turn out okay. Maybe a dent here and there, but still usable. Unless you are using iPhone of course, I cannot even begin to count how many cracked iPhones screen of friends already.

Anyways, the difference is that if you drop your laptop on the floor, you can be sure that it will be a goner alright. Not only is it painful for your heart, it is also painful for your wallet if anything bad happens.

I remember there was a time when my friend owned a Dell laptop and he was carrying it happily in his arms after a project meeting, without a casing or anything to protect it. He must have thought perhaps it was a short journey so it was okay to just hold it in his arms, but he did not anticipate some random dude running to catch the bus would bump into him. Rather violently, I would say.

Sure enough, the bump sent his laptop flying, and before he knew it, his laptop was lying on the floor and the random bumping dude was gone. The screen was cracked, and he had to send it to Dell laptop screen repair of course, which costed him a bomb. Which is why it is always good to take good care of your laptop when you're outside. If not, pain.


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