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Legends used to speak of the dark and scary realm of contests and giveaways. They likened it to the forbidden forest found in the Harry Potter series, next to Hogwarts, where once you enter, it is really hard to find your exit again. In fact, I think all thick forests are like that. Should you be dropped in the middle, you can never know where you need to go or what you need to do. Such was the realm of contests and giveaways, where once you are dropped into the middle of it, you can never really know which contest to participate, or where to go in order for you to find the most relevant one?

the confusing, and overwhelming field of contests

Did you ever wish for a place where you can just go for your daily dose of the contests and giveaways happening all around Singapore? Where everything is in one website - instead of 100 others - and where you can sort out contests according to the prizes they give and the nature of contest itself?

With, now you can! Like the map that you use to navigate inside an unknown place, Prizle points you to the various contests happening around the place where you live in (currently in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia), and you can group prizes according to different ways as you see please. Not only that, the contests are not merely pulled from around the web, but rather focused in the website itself, with business owners having to set up the contests using tools provided in the website.

with a guide, everything is easier!

In a way, you don't have to keep an eye out for contests anymore when you're out shopping in malls and neither do you have to camp five hours on Facebook just to wait for friends to share some contests photo so you can join them. Best of all, there is no need for you to like 10000 pages to keep updated with all the contests going around. And with the contests being hosted on the website itself, you can also keep track of the contests status too.

how the contests are organized for easy browsing

It's like the daily deal websites, with the exception that you don't have to spend money, but instead you can win stuff! All from the comfort of your computer. And a couple of mouse clicks. Easy, short, sweet and simple. Not taking more than half an hour everyday.

With, there's no need to stay lost when it comes to contests and giveaways anymore!

And if you're a business owner, you can set up an account a Prizzle easily to help you track and organize a contest or giveaway as part of your marketing plan. The mechanics of the contests can be easily decided by you, while the engine and tracking can all be found in the website.

deciding what kind of campaigns you want to organize

You can tailor your payment plan according to business size, and also you can reach a larger audience too as you don't have to depend on the slow spread by word of mouth in Facebook and such, because the consumers will be concentrated in the website. So you already have a starting base of people to help you spread your campaign.

In a way, is wonderful new initiative that helps you better make sense of all the contests and giveaways out there, a win-win tool for both consumers and businesses!


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