Oops Sorry Lah, Wrong Quote Inserted

Malaysia's journalism hit a new low today, as the mainstream media become more and more similar to propaganda machines in countries like North Korea. I guess that might explain why Kim Jong Un was conferred a degree just this year by a Malaysian university. He has been teaching our local journalists on spinning news 101.

At around 3 to 4 pm today, The Star published an article quoting how the Malaysian Trade Minister, Datuk Hasan Malek, was saying that Malaysians were supportive of the price hikes since there were no complaints received by him. Silence means approval/consent, that's what he said.

the original shared preview of the link

a slightly more detailed snippet

The question on whether the Datuk has been hiding in a hole, oblivious to the voices of ordinary Malaysians is a story for another day, but soon after he said that, it should not come as a big surprise when Malaysians took to the internet in droves. He must have felt the heat this time, because less than a day after the article is posted, the Star reworded the entire article into a more positive light, removing the damaging quote in the process. Instead of "No complaints proof that Malaysians support price hikes", the article has been reworded to "Work with us to create fair market for all."

Hypocrites right?

same link with the previous article's title but the entire content has been changed. link at http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2013/12/27/Malaysians-support-price-hikes-minister/

If you need another proof that most Malaysian Ministers speak without turning on their brain, this is a prime example of it. Sadly for the Star, they forgot to change the Malay version of their website as well, and this time I was smart enough to save a screenshot of it.

just compare this article and the english version of it

Even without the damaging quote in it, the new article itself is already bad enough as it is. How can a fair market help consumers when your government is raising price all around, Datuk Seri Hassan Malek? How can business owners not raise price to cover their losses when everything to do with their supplies is increasing in price? And why are you shifting the blame again from the government to the people? In that if there's a price increase, it is the business owner's fault and not the government?

Typical Malaysian politician.Wash clean your hands of everything and put all the blame on some other people instead.


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