#E - Part 6

#E - Part 5

Dear Diary,

Sometimes, I scare myself.

I walked hurriedly towards the dormitories where Alicia told me her sister would be, nervous from the thought that I was already wasting too much time. I could not shake off the feeling that the founder was now actively looking for us, and the last thing that I wanted was to be put back into those godforsaken cells again. The image of my friends gnawed at me too, as I pictured them waiting impatiently for me. I could not help but to wonder if they would abandon me if I failed to appear.

No they wouldn’t, I tried to reassure myself, and shook my head to get rid of the distracting thoughts. I have a task at hand.

The journey to the dormitory was shorter than I expected, and soon after, I was standing before two glass doors to the building, with their metal handles and the words “Push” printed next to them. Before I was able to do anything, I heard the sound of heavy footsteps echoing within the building, followed by the shrieking voice of a girl.

What now, I thought to myself.

I ducked behind some hedges next to the entrance. They stood lazily above a wall of red bricks, which held the dirt that they grew on. Their branches and leaves were growing haphazardly in all directions, no thanks to the fact that no gardener was there to trim them every day. It reminded of my sister’s messy hair whenever she woke up.

I was annoyed by the fact that things did not turn out according to my plans, again, and cursed silently under my breath. I stood there, watching, wondering what surprises life had in store for me this time. The doors to the building swung open, and two men emerged from it, dragging a screaming girl in their arms. Her legs were kicking wildly around, as she tryied to break free from the two men who firmly held her in their grip. They were obviously too strong for her, and from their build, perhaps too strong for me too. I was not able to get a good look of their faces from where I stood, the cracks in between the branches revealed only a small glimpse of their figures. The men were obviously guards under the founder’s employ, but I could not figure out what on earth they were doing in out that night in the dormitories when they were supposed to be looking for me.

The guards were heading for the officer quarters, to where Alicia was. My eyes followed them, still deciding on what should I do, when one of them stopped midway.

“Say, Edgar, the boss asked us to bring the girl to the office right, but he didn’t say that we cannot have fun with her first right?” said the one who stopped. Their backs were facing me at a 45 degree angle now and I was able to peek from the side of the hedge without them noticing. His companion stopped his footsteps too, and seemed to ponder about the suggestion. The girl, upon hearing the suggestion, started to become even more agitated.

“Let me go!” she screamed, as she started to fling herself even more violently, though it did not seemed to change anything. The two guards still firmly held on to her. In the background, I could hear the distant moaning of the zeds, like they were reacting to the girl’s screams. I wondered how much time I had left before sunrise, before our escape would be rendered almost impossible. My anxiety grew. I started to consider whether it would be possible for me to take on both of them.

“Shut up!” one of the guards retorted, and he swung his right arm into the girl’s stomach. She let off a whimper. He then grabbed her by the shoulders, and threw her towards my direction. Her body landed on the ground a few meters away from me. Reacting instinctively, I immediately pulled my head back towards the cover of the leaves and branches, but not before our eyes met.

Alicia’s sister.

They both looked the same. Her cheekbones, her eyes, her mouth, all reminded me of Alicia. My heart raced and my head started to get dizzy. A thousand thoughts ran simultaneously in my mind. She was the reason why I was here. She was my promise to Alicia. But now two guys stood before her, the sound of their belts being unbuckled and their sinister giggle danced with the moans of the zeds. Something clicked inside me, like a floodgate has been opened.

I screamed as I dashed out from my hiding place. The sudden appearance of me and my screaming voice caught the both them both by surprise. They looked at me, their mouths gaped and their pants hanging below their waist.

I threw my weight down on the closest guy, bringing him down on the cold hard tarred floor underneath. I made careful aim for his head with my elbow as we both fell towards the floor, and the force from my hands together with gravity slammed his head on the road. His head gave a sickening thud when it hit road - the sound of his skull breaking open – and his eyes bulged from the impact. Before long, I saw red liquid seeping out from underneath. His eyes remained opened, but blank, their life drained out of it. I had killed him, in less than a minute.

The second guy still stood there dumbfounded, perhaps still deciding on what to do. Or he was trying to decide whether I was an illusion. I did not give him the time to react. I jumped towards him, both my legs in the air, aiming for his chest. A crack sounded from beneath of my shoes as the sole of my shoes landed on his rib cage. He howled with pain as he was thrown across the road, right into the overgrown bushes where I hid behind just now.

By now adrenaline was in total control of me, giving me a feeling that I have never felt before. Rage was probably the best word to describe how I was feeling. Pure, savage rage. I ran towards him, and aimed another kick, this time going for his face. My feet met his nose, another sound of bones breaking, and blood spurted out from it. And even after that, I rained down punch after punch on him. I roared as I continued to beat the life out of him. For all that I know, he was already unconscious, but I did not care. I just continued my barrage. Until my fingers hurt. Until blood stained all of his shirt. Until there was nothing left but a lifeless body.

There was nothing but terror in Alicia sister’s eyes when I approached her. To her, I may have been a monster, no different from the guys who wanted to take advantage of her, or the zeds who stood outside the fences of this compound. Her eyes stared blankly at the two bodies behind me and I followed her gaze. Now that the rage has subsided, only did I realized the full extent of my actions. Two individuals now lay dead on the ground. I had snuffed out the life from them.

However, far from the remorse that I had expected to feel, there was no emotion inside me. I felt indifferent. Perhaps my emotional switch has been turned off, or perhaps I was ignoring what I am supposed to feel. But that was not my main concern. I turned my attention back to Alicia’s sister, her face now blank. Perhaps she was starting to feel the same indifference as me. I extended my arm to her, as our surroundings began to fill up with activities, caused by my commotion down here. Time was running out.

“Come on, it’s time to go.”

#E - Part 7


P/s: This story is part of the ongoing series, Dear Diary, that I am writing in hopes of getting it published. I try to read through it several times before I upload it, but time and time again grammar mistakes might elude me. So if you spot anything do let me know, and I will correct it asap. Thanks!


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