#E - Part 4

Dear Diary,

Have you ever tried acting? Or impromptu acting on the spot? It’s kinda stressful, but at the same time exciting. Or at least that what I thought as when the gang asked me to continue my act to trick the remaining guards. Just when I thought I could finally be myself back.

"Help, help!" I screamed as I ran towards the three guards. They eyed me with curiosity as I approached them, perhaps wondering where my two escorts went. Or why there was blood trickling down my face.

“As a form of repayment for making us stay in the cell while you had fun outside,” Jack remarked sarcastically, as the knife in his hands made a cut across my cheek. I felt a stinging sensation where the cold metal sliced through my skin. Despite my protest, the rest insisted that a cut on my face was necessary to fool the guards. Seeing that they would not budge from their viewpoint, I eventually relented and let Jack did what he wanted. Strangely, letting them do what they wanted to my face made me less guilty too.

“What happened?!” One of the guards asked impatiently as they crowded around me. I stood there hunched with my hands on my knees, panting as if I had ran my whole way there.

“The prisoners,” I began, pausing and drawing large breaths in between, “tricked us… Please help.” I said, and pointed towards the building. I told them about we were duped by the prisoners as we reached their cell. Seeing that all their bodies were slumped on the floor, we immediately rushed into the cell to see what was wrong, only to be attacked by them. I managed to run away as I was standing behind, but the two guards in front of me were caught unprepared. The two guards were fighting the rest as we speak, and they had to go inside to help them. 

Of course, this was only a cover up story to make the three guards rush inside the building, but a part of me worried whether if it would work. After all, the story of how we got cheated sounded downright ridiculous to me – it seemed like a classic example from any movies – but I had to start somewhere. I pleaded again with the guards to do something, or else the prisoners would escape.

The three of them looked unsure about what to do. Two looked relatively younger, around my age, while the third reminded me of my old school principal, stern, serious and not to be taken lightly. They crowded in a circle amongst themselves, leaving me standing awkwardly nearby, and discussed about their plans in hushed tones. I could sense the hesitation in their voice, and the last thing I needed was that. Time was ticking, and every second we spend still stuck in the naval base decreases the chance of our escape.

“Please,” I pleaded weakly. “You have to go. There ‘s not much time!” 

By now there was a sense of urgency in my voice – real sense of urgency – as I was nervous about more guards or anyone else arriving in the scene. The older guard sensed it in my voice, and probably mistook it for another intention, but nevertheless instructed the two guards to follow him into the cell block.

“But if anything goes wrong, don’t act hero and make sure you run all the way back to HQ to get help,” the older guard instructed the other two.

“And you,” he pointed to me, “stay here.”

I obediently nodded. The old guard was smart enough to ask the two younger ones to run back in case anything goes wrong, but we had anticipated that too. As soon as they crossed the entrance, Mike, Jack and Daniel jumped on them. Luckily for us, they were unprepared for the ambush, and as hit after hit rained down on them. I ran back to see if I could help, but as it turned out, the three guys from our gang were quite good fighters. Before long, the three of the guards were thrown into the cell to accompany the earlier two guards. We locked the doors behind us, and ventured into the night.

Contrary to what I would expect from an enclosed quasi military facility, there were no tall towers with bright headlights combing the compound every now and then as security measures, like we would usually see from action movies. If anything, the surrounding looked much darker than I expected. I had not notice much of the surroundings when I was walking with the two guards, but now that I had the time to soak in the details of everything around me, the entire place seemed devoid of lights. Aside from the one or two lit windows from the main building, and the glow of a few other fluorescent lamps a few blocks away, only the stars and moon shone down on us.

Apparently I was not the only one who was wondering about the seemingly lack of security measures and lights all around, because soon after Daniel commented on it.

“Smart. There’s really no need for security measures like light or security patrols after dark anyway because the zeds will go dormant. As long as you lock everything up and not make any loud noises or light up some bright lights, the zeds would not be a problem,” he remarked to himself, as if answering the question that I had.

It is true though. Normally any security measures that one would have installed at night would be to deter intruders that are active at night. However, if you have on your hands an enemy that turns off for the night – automatically as part of their biological function – there was really nothing much to bother about coming up with elaborate night time security devices.

I wanted to open my mouth to voice my agreement to Daniel’s comment, but Mike cut me short.

“Are we going to continue to stand around here, or are we going to finally leave?” He asked impatiently. All of them turned to look at me, waiting for my instructions. Which reminded me, I still needed to save Alicia. 


P/s: This story is part of the ongoing series, Dear Diary, that I am writing in hopes of getting it published. I try to read through it several times before I upload it, but time and time again grammar mistakes might elude me. So if you spot anything do let me know, and I will correct it asap. Thanks!


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