Colours on a Saturday Beach #colourmesiloso

Colours rained down on Siloso Beach last Saturday, the 21st of December 2013, as beach-goers got a preview of what's coming on the last day of 2013, on the sandy beaches of Siloso. Hunks and babes with pails of paint splashed beach goers at the four bars lining up the beach with neon paint to brighten up an otherwise dull Saturday afternoon, and to build up the momentum to what is going to be one of the best nights of 2013.

get ready to be splashed!

The colour splash zones is a new concept that is introduced to Siloso Beach Party this year, where neon paint will rain down on party goers at the Main Arena and the Foam Pool area as everyone dances into the night. I think it's a fabulous concept, where we can get to be sport a totally new image amidst the colours. I have always wondered how I would look in neon pink.

pretty girls splashing each other in paint. what more can a guy ask for?

Not only that, there will be in total five party zones in which you can enter, all along the stretch of Siloso beach, from 6pm to 6am, and the phrase party until you drop has never been more true in this case. You can expect up to a total of 20000 people, and hey who knows, you may get to meet several new friends too in all the fun. And maybe my neon pink will help to impress the ladies too eh? *winks*

and the theme would be colourmesiloso for this year!

While the beach goers at Sentosa last Saturday had their share of fun, you can join in too from today to the 28th of December too, and have a chance in winning tickets and goodies to the party for yourself as well. All you have to do is to 'splash' as many friends as possible with paint in Facebook, using this app. The more friends you splash, the higher chance of you winning! Other than that, you could also keep a lookout for Siloso themed colourful items too with the hashtag #colourmesiloso in Instagram and Twitter. Build up your excitement while waiting for the party yo.

time to splash some friends in Facebook, you shall

With Siloso Beach Party around, you can end off your 2013 and welcome in the new year in a bang. A colourful bang, that is. And be sure to load up your music player with the song "Colours of the Wind" by Disney, cause I heard it's gonna be the theme song for this year's beach party.

Nah, I'm just kidding about the official song part. But the party's definitely gonna be awesome, that I can say. See you there!

For more info, you can visit the official SBP website here or its Facebook page here.


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