My Dinner With Amina Elshafei

It's not always that one gets a chance to savor food from a potential master chef, even more so when it's free. However, calling yourself a blogger does has it benefits, and I was lucky enough to be invited to a meet and greet session featuring Amina Elshafei, Australia's Master Chef Season 4 contestant.

Even luckier was when a pretty girl agreed to be my date for the night too.

The event was held at the Food For Thought cafe located in Singapore Botanic Gardens (which if you must know, takes about half an hour to reach if you're taking the circle line, stupid me), which featured quite a nice ambiance and environment to dine in. The event was part of Lifetime's ongoing effort to engage the blogger community (I had a previous post about the Lifetime channel here) and to showcase the different variety of shows that you can get from the channel.

We had the opportunity to watch Amina Elshafei as she prepared her two signature dishes; her tomato, mushroom and cream cheese pasta; and her orange cream cheese wantons. Who knew wantons can be made with oranges? :o

I am no food expert so my vocabulary to describe food is fairly limited, but from the vocabulary that I have, what I can say is that her pasta is to die for. I am not pasta lover, but the way she blended the three ingredients were simply superb. It was not too cheesy and not tomato-ish, and it was one of the few pastas that made me want to have one scoop after another. 

Her orange wantons on the other hand, while they hand an interesting flavour to it, I must admit that it was not quite my taste. Perhaps my hate for walnut overcame my love for the wanton, but still the way the skin of the wanton was fried was pretty special. It preserved the just right amount of crunchiness to it, and it was consistent throughout the different wantons. Quite a lot of skill involved there, that's for sure.

Of course, pasta and wanton were not the only food served that night, as the guests were treated to a whole wide range of other awesome food, from salad to chicken to burgers. Like in all blog events, us bloggers have to feed our phones first before our stomach.

I certainly went home with a full stomach that night and being the typical Asian, not only was I happy at the chance of eating free food, I enjoyed the opportunity of watching a great cook in action too. To be honest, the furthest that I can go with my cooking skills are instant noodles. It was eye opening to see how Amina was able to prepare unique food like orange flavoured wantons because honestly, never in my life have I thought of that before. I mean, why have I never thought of that before?

Anyways, you can catch the latest season of MasterChef Australia on the Lifetime channel (StarHub Channel 514) every weekday. at 7pm and 11pm. The photos were from Lifetime channel too! With the exception of the one featuring me, of course.


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