#GOMovember Giveaway

November 2013. The annual no shave month. Or else known as the I'm-too-lazy-to-shave excuse month, where everyone just sports a beard/mustache in the name of hairiness, since having a beard is proven to have loads of benefits too.

source: http://sierrabeards.com

I would have grown a beard too if it's not for the work that I am having (it would have saved loads of shaving cream money and time) but since I'm not, I just have to play cheat. Of course, the face would look much more handsome if I have the actual beard itself.

Anyways, in line with the no shave November itself, GlassesOnline.sg, an online portal where you can buy glasses is having a giveaway in their Facebook page. All you have to do is to upload a picture of yourself with mustache or beard, post it on Instagram and give them the link to be in the running for a free pairs of glasses from their website. Yes free.

Anyways, I was invited to be part of the contest itself so if you happen to have some free time, do head to my photo that's on their Facebook page and give it a like. Would certainly appreciate a new pair of glasses to make me look more handsome. Links HERE. And thankiu in advance!


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