Conflicting Ideas

They say that success comes only to those that wait, but they also mention that successful people are those who seize the opportunities that arise.

They say that guys should always take the initiative but complains about creepy annoying guys whenever some guy decides to man up and go ahead.

They say that one should not work for money but yet money makes the world go round.

They say one should always have a work life balance but yet those who do not stay in the office after hours are looked down as being lazy and not as hardworking.

They say that it's okay to live by yourself but yet they are the ones who constantly have people around them to hang out with.

This world is full of conflicting ideas and more often than not I end up confused of really is the most suitable choice of action. I suppose balance is the key, but where is this balance exactly anyway? Sometimes you just start doing something and before you realize it, you're going in the wrong direction way too much. Then you adjust your actions and before long, you're going way too much again in the opposite direction. And you end up veering between both ends struggling hopelessly to find a balance. That's me at least. I'm one confused dude, that is.

Anyway, I found an interesting link back to my blog today while checking my stats:

Awh :(

Anyway x2, I decided to join NaNoWriMo and try to write a 50000 novel in one month, despite how crude or funny or bad it might be, just wanted to tick the, "I wrote a novel before" off my bucket list. It's gonna be about zombies. With chlorophyll. 


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