Daniel, upon reaching the station, motioned us to stop immediately. He had seen something, I presumed, and I tried to strain my neck to see what was in the station. I was still a few steps away from the section of tracks beside the platforms. I saw him making his way slowly ahead, staying low. When he reached the barrier separating the platform, I could see him raising his head a little, studying the station. The putrid smell still hung stubbornly in the air. A hint of burnt flesh accompanied it.

After a few seconds, Daniel signaled for us to go over, but not before he put a finger to his lips. We obliged and silently inched forward.

Julie was second to reach the station. She raised her hand to cover her mouth as soon as she crossed the border of the station. I could see the horrified look on her face, clearly visible under the moonlight. I understood why when I crossed into the section of the track beside the station. Behind the glass barriers separating the track on the station platform, I could see dozens of bodies lying on the floor. Some of the bodies were missing parts of their head, but all of them had a hole near the area of their chest. Judging from their grey complexion, I assumed they were zeds. The bodies were strewn across the floor and it seemed like they were chasing after something. I followed the trail of bodies from the staircase, where the largest number of bodies were, right to the end of the station. From what I saw, I could roughly guess what took place here.

The walls themselves had dark liquid marks on it, and my hunch told me that that was blood, judging from how the splatter looked. Shiny little metal cylinders littered the floor. Daniel would later tell me that those were bullet casings. The barrier next to the wall itself was shattered, and a trail of blood followed it. I could not see what's below the platform on the other side but my heart froze when I saw the outline of a couple of zeds near it.

I looked down and studied the scene around the station. Everything looked like it came from a movie itself. There was a flyover beside the station and beneath it, barbed wires formed a line across the road. Pieces of torn flesh and limbs hung from it. Behind the barricade, I saw sandbag pits with mounted machine guns. There were blood stains all around the pits as well. Abandoned infantry vehicles, Daniel called them Terrex, were parked nearby. One of them was overturned. On the flyover bridge itself, boxes of ammunition, all opened, laid across the walkway. Above them, several machine guns rested on the railings. Zeds, about thirty to fifty of them, stood beyond the barricade. Some of them wore army uniform. Like all the other zeds, pieces of their clothing had been ripped off. Most of them had deformed flesh growths where their wounds used to be. I presumed that the battle here had taken place quite some time ago.

I continued to study the scene of the carnage. The army had tried to mount a blockade here to cut off the zeds but looking at the aftermath,they had obviously not succeeded with the blockade. It was not all for nothing, though. Looking back at the direction that we came from, the road was covered in craters. Scores of burnt cars lined the road. But the most grisly scene was perhaps the amount of bodies, limbs, and charred remains that seemed to cover the road. Some of the craters, which I guess to be blast craters, were filled with body parts. Some part of the roads were paved with a metre of human remains. The carpet of dead bodies continued right until the barbed wires, and from the look of it, the zeds were frantically climbing over it, ignoring the barbs that tore through their flesh. The soldiers who manned this checkpoint were more than successful, that I could say. Looking at how the road before the barricade was covered in zed remains for at least a kilometer long, I could not even begin to imagine how large the horde would have looked liked before they were slaughtered by the soldiers here. However, something must have went wrong somewhere or else the zeds would not have made it across the barricade. All the ammunition boxes that laid open on the bridge walkway and around the sandbox pits seemed to offer an answer. Could it be that the soldiers simply ran out of bullets?

From how the bodies looked like on the platform, I could visualize how after the zeds overran the barricade, and how some of the soldiers retreated to this place, they were probably thinking the same thing we did. They must have thought that they could use the train tracks as a safe chokepoint to slow the zeds down while they made their way to a safer location. The broken barrier at opposite end of where we were standing seemed to confirm this. They had initially shot the zeds in the head thinking that it would kill them, evident by how some of the earlier zed bodies had headshot wounds. They must have realized that it was not working, and probably switched strategies until they found out that a shot to the heart is effective at stopping the zeds. Whatever the case, it seemed that we were not the only ones who knew that the zeds needed to be shot right through the heart. Looking at how the wall as well as the floor were stained with blood, however, we could only wonder if there was anyone who made it out alive. The couple of zeds that lingered on the tracks did not seem promising.

Mike tapped on my shoulder to indicate that we should keep moving. Each of us has been caught up in our own world looking at the scene before us, and to be honest, it was the first time that I saw something this huge. I find it strange how we could have missed chancing upon such a huge horde of zed, since the direction of how the blockade had been set up and the location of the zed bodies indicated that they were coming from the west, the exact direction that we came from.

A cloud now drifted slowly to block the moon, as if it was cued to do so, and everything around us gradually fell to darkness. The air around us took a drop temperature too, and a gentle breeze blew at us. Not good, I thought. We had no choice to take out the portable flashlight that we carried, and turned it on. We carried the flashlight as low as possible, making sure that the light only shone at the path in front of us, to avoid the zeds on the opposite side of the track from seeing us. Daniel, who was in front, signaled for us to pick up our pace. A streak of lightning flashed across the sky, followed by the sound of a distant thunder. The bright light from the lightning and the sound of thunder seemed to have aroused the zeds, as we could now hear the deep throaty sound that they made coming from below us. My heart started to pound.

As we left the track that joined the station, I glanced over to the other track that was on the right hand side of us. The station platform was located in the middle, with two parallel tracks by its side. The soldiers had tried to retreat using the other track instead of ours. Four zeds stood on the tracks and they seemed to be equally agitated by the change in weather. It seemed that they have yet to notice our presence. We quickened our pace.

Another streak of lightning flashed across the sky and this time, lighting the entire area around us. The world seemed to be under a giant fluorescent light for a split second, and in that split second itself, I looked to my right in reflex. Under the bright flash of light, one of zeds saw us. It gave a deep growl, to signal the zeds around in that there were humans present and before long, the four zeds knew we were there. Our world returned to darkness soon after, and in the darkness, I could hear the sound of zeds running. Heart pumping, I immediately raised up my flashlight to see where they were going. My heart froze for a second when I see them coming directly at us, but luckily, a huge gap separated the our track and their track. The zeds did not seem to realize this and before they knew it, they stepped into nothingness and landed on the ground with a splat. All of them. The four of us rushed to the side of the tracks to see how the zeds would react. By then, the growls of the four zeds have attracted the nearby zeds, and all of them started to crowd beneath us. The number of zeds began to grow larger, and I guessed that was how the zeds overwhelmed the soldiers too. We were lucky that the zeds do not know how to climb.

Another streak of lightning flashed across the sky, followed by the rumble of thunder. It only seemed to make zeds below us were more agitated. Some were beginning to climb on top of each other. Seeing that there was no use for us to keep quiet anymore, Daniel shouted for us to move. It broke us from our trance and we began to walk faster. The sound of the zeds below us had a chilling effect now, and you could hear the hunger and savageness behind their voice. The wind was starting to pick up too, and along with it, came a higher frequency of lightning and thunder. From a distance, we could hear the splatter of the rain. It was a heavy one.

Our pace began to quicken. Eventually, we were jogging on the tracks. The tracks eventually merged, side by side and we were fortunate enough to have no other zeds to deal with. However, the sound of the zeds still echo eerily from below us. I secretly prayed for us to reach the Sembawang station soon.

Another crack of lightning flashed above us and this time, the sound of thunder shook the very ground we stood on. A few drops of rain landed on my face initially, and in an instant, the heavens unleashed its floodgates upon us. Huge drops of water splashed against us, and we were drenched in no time. Our flashlights visibility was severely reduced, and Daniel signaled for us to slow down. Protection against the elements was the one thing that we did not pack, and we certainly did not anticipate such a heavy downpour. The sound of rain roared around us, crashing into the ground, the trees and the structures around us. The zeds’ noise began to die down with it.

We slowed to a walk eventually, the four of us sticking close to each other. The light from Daniel's flashlight continued to lead the way, as the rain continued to draw lines in front of it. After what seemed like forever, we spotted an outline of an object in front of us, about a few dozen meters away. It was difficult to make out the outline of the object, but as we approached it, we realized that it was the back of a SMRT train. The emergency exit was open, and the thought played in all our minds as to whether we could take shelter in the train. Daniel seemed to sense what we were thinking and shouted to us that we should approach it slowly in case there was any zeds in there. I shouted back that I would walk beside him to protect against anything untoward. He agreed.

I raised my bat steadily with two arms as the four of us approached the train under the pouring rain. By now we were completely soaked from head to toe, and I was starting to feel a little cold. Mike took out a jacket from his bag and covered Julie with it.

We inched closer to the train, with Daniel and Julie on the right, and Mike and I on the left. I grabbed the handle of the cricket bat tightly. It reminded me of the time back in the mall, where I sent a zed flying with a swing from the baseball bat. I just hope I would not have to do it again. We took our positions by the door, and Daniel indicated he was ready. Just as he was about to raise his arms, I heard a click coming from inside of the train amidst the splattering sound of the rain on the train's roof. A bright light shone in my face, and I instinctively raised my arms to shield my eyes. Between the gaps of my fingers, I eyed a black muzzle behind the light. Someone was pointing a gun at us.

"They're humans," I heard a guy shout. With that, the gun was lowered, along with the blinding light. A hand shot out from the dark and pulled me in.

Soon we were sitting in the cabin, wearing a dry set of clothes as our wet ones hung on the passenger handles. The sound of the rain continued as both groups of us studied each other. There were two of them, both guys, both around the same age as me and Daniel. The glow of a cigarette stick shone brightly on one of them as he took a puff on it, while the other had what looked like books wrapped around his arms. The sound of the portable light that they had turned on buzzed in the background. A rifle hung on each of their shoulder. The guy with the books on his hand extended his arm to me.

"Hi, my name is Jack. And this is my friend KM."


P/s: As this is a work in progress and as I am trying to finish the story before November ends and not forgetting that I have work from 9-6 everyday, there might be grammar errors here and there and if you spot one, I would sincerely apologize for it. I am looking to publish this story, so if you spot any spelling or grammar mistakes, I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know by dropping a comment after each post. Proofreading your own work is confusing after all. I won't forget your kindness!


  1. Wah.. very exciting! Just a suggestion, since the story is written as part of Lukey's diary. Perhaps to help illustrate the scene of the MRT battle aftermath, you could sketch like where things with circles, crosses and annotations. I just thought it'll be really cool to have more than just words. Rough sketches will do, since it's a diary.


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