About Time: Sweet, Simple and Touching

If you could go back in time, what would you change? Would you ensure that everything goes according to plan, that everyone around you is happy and you never have to feel a day of sadness? It would be an interesting thought when one can always go back in time to right the wrongs that you have done to make it perfect but how far would you go to change the past? This itself is the premise of the movie About Time, which I think is one of the best movies that I've watched so far in 2013.

About Time resonates with something that I have always feel very strongly for, that no matter how much we try to change our destinies, we cannot truly change it to be perfect. With every choice that we make in life, there will be pros and there will be cons that accompany that choice and one way or another, we just have to learn to deal with it as each day comes. Like it or not, we are but mere pawns to this thing called time and more often than not the outcome of our lives depend solely on where we are and what we are doing at a specific time. And once a choice is made, we can never go back and must learn to live with it.

About Time is a very interesting show on the impact of the choices that we make in our lives and how life would have turned out totally different if there's only a slight variation to it. It makes you think somewhat on life itself and it's definitely a sweet and touching movie about love, family and life.

Lukey's Rating: 9/10


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