Dear diary, it has been four days now since we let Mike in through the door. Other than the occasional situational assessment that we do at the corridor, we rarely stepped outside the house. There was nothing for us outside anyway, and we wanted to avoid the chances of the zeds finding out that there was food for them on the third floor of this building. 

We have done two sweeps on the floor that we're living on already and so far there's no sign of anything that we should be concerned of. Most of the houses were locked anyway and we were pretty sure that we don't want to find out what's inside. We have enough supplies to last us at least three to four more days anyway, so we were not in a hurry to source for new supplies. 

The days themselves consist mostly of routines. Because there were not much we can do or were allowed to do to begin with, I mainly stuck to writing. There were so many empty pages in this diary and I was determined to fill it all up. Maybe publish a novel if this apocalypse do come to an end. Hopefully. But then again the market will most probably be filled with novels of similar topics too, but I was too lazy to think of other things to write. No point wiring about space adventure when you cannot even step out of your house. 

I could write about the love story about Daniel and Julie, but on second thought I'm already a big enough third wheel as it is, so I gave that idea up too. My future readers would just have
to deal with me and the zeds. 

Mike on the hand, has taken to drawing. He managed to somehow find a few crayons and pencils lying around the house, and has started to fill the walls of the house with his work. At first I find it weird to see crayons and pencil markings on the walls, but I guess it had to do with how it was not the norm for us to draw on the walls of our house last time. However, norms cease to exist when the society ceases to be and in lack of any drawing canvas and paper, I guess the empty white walls was the next best choice. Besides, all of us needed to do something to stay sane, so the rest of us did not say much.

Being the introvert that she was and the only girl around, Julie stayed mostly in the room and Daniel was often there to accompany her. He would sometimes come out to talk to me in the other room or with Mike who spends most of his time in the living room, but other than that it was mostly me and Mike interacting in the living room of the house.

I have begun to take a liking to Mike himself, maybe because of how he reminded me of my own father with his air of seriousness and the occasional humour when you least expect it. There was once when I happened to pass by  his room that he slept in and caught him sketching a picture of what looked like  himself, killing a zed with his bare hands while being surrounded with a dozen few others around him. Only that he looked much younger and better looking in the picture he was drawing. He was more well built too, with his muscular arms punching the zed's guts and a very visible six pack under the singlet that he was wearing. 

He caught a glimpse of me staring and only casually remarked, "Just so your future kids think that I am a hero."

If I have kids. I don't even know if my parents survived. 

That night, the four of us were sitting down in the living room discussing the plans of our next supply raid. We always plan a few days ahead, to allow for buffer time in case anything went wrong.  

As usual, me and Daniel were discussing about the possible locations we could source for food, water and anything else we needed. Most of our knowledge of the area came from our memories of the place before everything went to hell and not all of it was accurate. 

Things would have been easier if we have a map to help outline the area and to help us keep track of our activities, but the only map we knew how to use was Google maps. 

As usual, our plan mainly consisted of restocking our supplies of food and water. We would move at night as we always do. We would pick a night where the moon and stars are visible, so we would have natural lighting to guide us.

Artificial light was forbidden, as it would attract the zeds and we wanted to save the batteries that we had. We decided to head back to the convenience store where I found you, as we did not fully clear the place the previous time. Besides, we did not want to venture far too.

During our discussion, Mike was surprisingly quiet. Whenever we asked him for his opinion, he would only respond with a nod or a shake of his head. He was looking intently on the floor as the remaining three of us discussed on the supplies we should be getting.

It was when we were dividing our role and finalizing our preparations did he finally said something. I was just in the middle of standing up while Daniel was reassuring Julie that everything is going to be okay, just like last time. 

Mike cleared his throat and after making sure we had quieted down, he proceeded to ask, "I don't mean to be rude, but instead of focusing so hard on avoiding these creatures, why can't we try and thin them out instead? Like killing them if we have the chance?"


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