A Little Side Income

When I started blogging, I never thought I could be paid to write on my own personal website, a place where I rant off for the rest of the world to listen. But then again, back when I started, my English was real bad. Like super broken bad with all the classic Malaysian English words like -ah, -lah and three dots (...). It was more of a personal interest actually too, where I did not anticipate it to turn into something that generates income. Well, not enough to feed myself, that's for sure, but this little blog here has helped feed my interest for games for the past few months since I was contacted by different people to help them pen some advertorials and articles.

It may take some time though, that's for sure, after all it took me more than 7 years before someone actually offered to pay something for my articles but hell, that day was sweet. Of course, I learned a few lessons along the way that proved to be valuable in helping me snag one or two writing opportunities every now and then. For starters, the opportunities only came in when I made an effort not to write using Manglish anymore. I know all the -lahs add soul to the language, back when I started I made it a point to use Manglish and only Manglish, but then again I realize that the world doesn't really appreciate it in formal and serious settings. I realized that you need to speak and sound formal before you look formal so from then on I decided to drop Manglish altogether from the blog.

Of course, polishing your usage of the language itself takes time, it was not years after that did I win something through the writings on the blog and not another few years until the writing assignments became more of a regular thing. But it was worth it. I mean being able to buy one 59.99 USD game (I bought Call of Duty: Ghosts yesterday) just through blog posts? Priceless. 


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