Dear Diary,

Have I ever told you about how I met Julie and Daniel? I guess I probably have not, and I think our story as the Zed Resistance Group would not be complete without me talking about them, so here goes.

It was a day after after what happened to Amy. Somehow, a part of me did not want to return to my hostel after everything that has taken place. A huge chunk, if not all, of my experiences with Amy revolved around my hostel, from the day we met, until the day that we eventually said goodbye. Going back would just mean reliving the memories again, and the thought frightened me. Let the rest think that I was dead. After all, it felt as if a part of me had died.

I wandered around the campus that night, ready to die. Funny thing is, the dude up in the skies decided that it was not my time yet, which, I guess, was why I did not bump into a single zed that night. I eventually slipped into a lecture hall and slept there, exhausted from the entire ordeal. I did not know how long I slept in there, but it felt as if months had passed when I woke up. I dreamt vividly. About how the world was suddenly okay. About how Amy was alive. About how I was about to graduate. Waking up and suddenly realizing that everything had been a dream made my heart sink even more.

The blazing afternoon light blinded my eyes as I opened the door, but I did not care. It is hard to care for anything when you are half deep in depression. I lost the will to survive back then, that you could say. Somehow, everything did not matter anymore.

I continued to walk around aimlessly and soon, I was off school grounds. To be honest, the day itself seemed almost like a miracle, when you stop to think about it. Even Mike, whom I have shared this story with, refused to believe it. But the fact was simply that, under the scorching sun that day, I did not encounter even a single zed. Perhaps the area that I travelled was small or perhaps they had all been lured to another place; the reason may never be known. Had I stumbled into a zed that day, I don't think that I would still be here today, updating this diary.

The houses in the residential area all looked abandoned, empty of life. It seemed that the streets themselves had not seen any signs of life for a long time, and leaves were strewn everywhere. I did not care about these, though, as I continued to walk mindlessly down the street. My shirt was damp with sweat now, and I remember feeling thirsty, but I did not care. The only question that was running in my mind was, “where were all the zeds?”

It was not until I passed the second last home on the street, that I finally stopped. For the first time in the entire day, I heard sounds. Not the sound of the tree leaves rustling together. Neither was it the sound of birds chirping. It was the sound of someone crying. Sobbing, if you will. I turned to my right and tried to peer into the house where the sound originated from. The gate of the house was unlocked, and a BMW 5 series sat in the porch. The crying was coming from inside the house.

My ears perked. Feeling curious, I decided to check it out, since the gate was unlocked. I made my way forward slowly along the BMW, landing my feet as softly as possible to avoid making any noise.

The front door was opened, but I did not want to startle whoever was inside so I crept over to a nearby window. I slowly raised my head to see what was inside, and until today, I still have trouble forgetting what I saw. On the white marble floor in the living room sat a girl, in her jeans and a light blue tank top. Directly in front of her, a grey body laid there. It had one stab mark in its chest and the carpet below the body was stained brown with its blood. The girl's hand held a kitchen knife, still dripping with brown liquid.

My eyes drifted to other parts of the room. Behind the girl, a guy had his back against the wall. Judging from the broken picture frame near him, he must have been flung there. His face still wore a look of horror as well as pain. Behind the body of the man laid another body, a woman which I guess was around forty to fifty, same as the dead man. Her skin did not have the grey complexion as the man, but her neck bore a deep gash. Blood was still gushing out from it, and she probably died from it. My eyes finally made it way back to the girl, and I was shocked to find that her eyes were looking back at me too. Her eyes were swollen and her face was red from the crying, and in my entire life up until that point in time, I have never seen a face with such a pained expression on it. The moment our eyes connected, I could feel everything that she was feeling, because I have been through the same a day before. Our gaze lasted only a moment before she tilted her head down. The photo next to the television told me that the man on the floor was in fact her father.

The guy went to console her soon enough, and all she could say was, "Let's leave, I don't want to be here anymore." And as they stepped out, I made my appearance, briefly introduced myself and asked the guy whether they were fine with me travelling with them. He merely nodded his head. I did not want to die anymore.

Which was why I never blamed Julie for being so quiet during our early days together. Knowing that I saw her killed her parents, naturally made it a little bit more awkward. We never talked about what happened that day, and we preferred to let it remain that way. What Julie does not know, however, was that had it not been for her, I would be long dead by now. Seeing how she picked herself up from the floor in front of the corpse of her dad and mum, I felt that I was not the only one who had to undergo the fate of killing someone I loved. Amy's words asking me to live on echoed from deep inside my heart, and knowing that I shared a fate with someone made me feel not so alone anymore. If Julie lives, I would live too, I thought. It would just be too selfish, even cowardly, for me to take my own life just because someone I loved was gone. If anything, Amy had wanted me to live, and so I shall.

The day we met shall forever be confined to the realm of unspoken secrets, which was why when Mike told us that he killed his son with a stab to his heart, Julie did not say anything. And Daniel and I kept quiet because we did not want to bring that up. It was an incident they wanted to forget anyway, and I respect that. Even until today, I do not dare to ask Julie or even Daniel about what happened that day. But one thing was certain though, that the four of us in the Zed Resistance Group share one thing in common - we all lost a loved one to the zeds. Perhaps that was why we were so eager to get even with the zeds.


P/s: As this is a work in progress and as I am trying to finish the story before November ends and not forgetting that I have work from 9-6 everyday, there might be grammar errors here and there and if you spot one, I would sincerely apologize for it. I am looking to publish this story, so if you spot any spelling or grammar mistakes, I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know by dropping a comment after each post. Proofreading your own work is confusing after all. I won't forget your kindness!


  1. Wah similar experience brought them all together. Good one!


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