In all honesty, the outbreak that happened in UK was not the incident that caused us all to be in this mess. If anything, it just made us realized how dangerous the side effects of the project would be. However, by then it was too late. 

People around the world has been eagerly signing up to be the pilot testers of the chlorophyll at the rumours of the health benefits behind it. Pharmaceutical companies, who had hoped to cash in on this chlorophyll gene therapy had launched one of the biggest media campaigns ever seen worldwide to spread the benefits of the therapy to the masses. Dissenting or critical voices were drown out and by then, everyone had practically bought in to the belief that chlorophyll gene therapy (CGTs) is the thing to go. Pilot testers list were full and in some places, people even paid to get the therapy outside of the pilot testing setting, especially the sick ones. It's scary how quick the herd mentality spreads when an idea takes hold. No one questioned it and everyone wanted to jump into the queue. It's like the whole iPhone frenzy allover again.

Of course, when the news of the outbreak broke out in the UK, all hell broke loose. For reasons that we may never know until this whole chaos dies down, the ones who received the gene therapy didn't really "turn" until much later. If anything, they remained perfectly human after that, even for months. But the UK incident brought a whole new situation into place. People began fearing those who had gone for the early CGT. While the response to them was mild at first, eventually all hell broke loose.

The governments themselves were reluctant to act at first. Questions were raised about how much the government should intervene or whether there was any need for intervention at all. There were also questions about human rights and such, and perhaps the hardest question of them all was even if there was a threat, what could the government do? Drag all of them out and put them to death? So while the governments around the world mulled over the decision, the citizens themselves decided to take matters into their own hands.

The "testers", the label that were imposed to to those who went through CGT, were hunted down by vigilante groups relentlessly. Authorities, especially the police, did not know what to do. While some arrested the vigilantes, others stood idly by. That itself was the start of the societal downfall. At least in Singapore here itself. Errant police officers were charged but by then there were not enough police to stop riots that have broken out everywhere. People were beginning to burst through other people's home to search for the testers and during that period itself, many were wrongfully persecuted, especially those who were deemed as foreign talents in the first place. 

Society itself was fractured during that point of time. There were those who demanded action while they were others who demanded patience. By the government decided to call in the army, it was too late. The testers are finally beginning to turn.

Among the countries around the world, only a few did not face the situation that Singapore faced. Authoritarian regimes for example, cracked down on their citizens as soon as the news broke out. North Korea did not have the problem at all as there were no testers there. China unleashed the largest manhunt that has been seen in centuries but even then, the country has it own unique problem as fake CGTs were in operation in the whole country prior to the UK incident. The only countries who did not have such a large problem were the poorer countries, where CGTs were deemed too expensive for normal usage. Quite ironic, when you look back at it.

But yes, the turning of the testers. One or two weeks after the chaos broke out, news broke out that the first attack had taken place in India, where people were celebrating around a pile of dead testers who were killed in such "justice killings". It was an interesting situation in India, one would say, as the caste system was still rife and before long, the whole hunting down the testers thing had turned into something more like a class warfare instead. The poor and oppressed saw it as a retribution day against the rich and ruthlessly hunted down the rich. It did not matter if the hunted was a tester or not, all it matter was that most saw it as a chance to hit back at the caste system and the rich.

As the news went, while the people were busy drinking, partying and celebrating over the supposingly dead bodies of the testers, they did notice that one of them were stirring. It was in the middle of the road under the scorching mid day sun, and people were posing for pictures in front of the heap of bodies, flashing V signs to indicate their victory over those who oppressed them. And out of a sudden, two hands shot out and grabbed a guy who was smiling ear to ear over the kills that he scored last night. It caught everyone by surprise and before anyone could do anything, blood has began gushing out from the guys shoulder where a set of teeth has sunk in.

Two other men immediately dashed forward and tried to pull the guy away, who by this time had stopped screaming and his pupils began to turn white. Wrong move. The guy immediately pulled one of the men in and caught off guard, he could only scream while the guy who was smiling just now tore away at his chest. The other man, seeing this, stood there stunned for a moment and when he finally decided to run, it was too late. The figure who had just finished biting the chunk of flesh off the guy lunged at him, just when he was turning away to run. By the time anyone got help, the remaining bodies from the heap rose on their feet.

Only minutes after the news of the Indian incident was posted online, reports of similar attacks began surfacing everywhere. Families were attacked when the member whom they were protecting suddenly collapsed and rose up to attack them; morticians and coroners returned to their morgues and found testers feeding on the other bodies; and detention camps where testers were being held turned into a bloodbath. The timing itself was too perfect. It seemed as if it was a coordinated attack against humanity itself.

And you know what's the scariest part? The zeds, as we call them now, seemed to have no weaknesses. Some well informed people have taken the effort to put a blow to the testers head when killing them, but it did not seemed to have stop them from reanimating when dead. Reports from the US claimed that even when shot thorough the head, the zeds just kept coming.

A professor from Germany managed to get a blog post up in all the chaos that theorized that because the the chlorophyll infusion itself has made every single cell self sufficient, meaning that it does not need any central command nor food to keep running, because it could now obtain food through sunlight itself. And the brain itself has been reduced to a redundant state as it is no longer required for complicated processing. How the entire body's action was coordinated however, how the body acted as a whole in search of victims the professor could not fully understand though, but he thinks that there must be a weak spot to nail the zeds.

And that, my dear diary, was how the end of the world started.


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