Today Is Not Going To Be A Normal Day: Day 6

Day 1

Day 6. Almost a week since the world that Jack has always knew about came to an abrupt end. The air has now taken a rotten smell to it, the kind that you get when a piece of meat is left out in the open. But I guess that is hardly surprising when you have tons of dead people roaming around freely out in the open.

The internet and electricity went out on Day Three, the water yesterday. For the first three days, Jack stuck on to doing what his generation does best, internet surfing. He scoured the internet for information. About what was happening, the zombies characteristics, the chances of one surviving outside and any information that he could use to provide him an advantage if the worst comes to worst. He took it to himself to learn everything that there is to learn. He jot down notes, exchanged ideas with those who still have internet access and tried to imagine what it was like out there.

The picture that he saw was not pretty at all though. According to UN, the zombie outbreak seemed to took place simultaneously across major cities the whole world round, a phenomena that left the surviving scientists confused to no ends. Viral infections, no matter how fast, always takes time to travel. You can plot out the infection across the map as it spreads and come up with ways to contain it. Quarantine or restriction of travel, for example. With this outbreak however, everything seemed  to happen over the course of one night. No country of origin, no time to implement any restrictive measures.

Furthermore, from SARS to H1N1 to even the Black Plague, the origin of the epidemic could always be traced back to a cause, a sort of transition or mutation of the virus between an animal carrier and a human carrier. But with this virus, which is still referred under a variety of names (most of them inspired by popular zombie movies, such as the T Virus, Virus Z and Walker Pandemic. So much for originality, Jack remember thinking), did not seem to have a point of origin. There was no ground zero, no patient zero.

As unlikely as it sounds, all accounts point to the fact that the outbreak happened simultaneously and spontaneously around the world, over a period of a few hours. The details are still sketchy, as those who were caught out there during the night had little chance of survival, but accounts say of people began randomly collapsing on the street, convulsing violently as they did, only to reanimate a few minutes later when people were gathering around them to see what was wrong.

From how some described it, it was a scene of chaos. Imagine walking out one night only to suddenly have random people around you falling to the ground, as if they were all having simultaneous heart attack. Then you see vehicles crashing into each other as some of the drivers were experiencing the same thing too. You tried calling the hospital, even the police, only to be told the same thing, that the same situation was happening in the hospitals and the police station and they have no one to spare. You see, some of the ones who were not affected trying to give first aid to those who have collapsed while others were busy snapping pictures away of the sight of people collapsing all around, thinking that it is an excellent opportunity to share it on the social media. Imagine the horror to have them suddenly wake up and violently attack you, shredding your skin apart and gnashing away at you.

Singapore had it easy though, with the incident happening late at night. More than half of the world had most the population awake during incident. The level of destruction was unimaginable.

Jack took a look around his house. No housemates came back, no messages from his friends nor any other activities outside of his house other than the occasional roars of a distant jet.

Airplanes. If there were planes still in the sky, there must have been survivors someone. If there is a suitable time to leave, today would be a pretty good candidate. Ever since the electricity supply got cut, Jack couldn't help but notice the temperature climbing up steadily everyday. Or at least that was how it felt like. It seemed as if the weather itself went haywire together with the rest of the world, not giving a single drop of rain ever since the madness began..

Jack's supplies were almost empty too. He had been sticking to a strict ration of food and water but despite his best efforts, he was down to only a few packs of instant noodles. His house was never stocked to withstand an apocalypse to begin with. There wasn't anything else around the house he could salvage to survive, unless if he considers peeling off the leather of his sofa. To conserve energy, he has been sleeping mostly and doing nothing else but reading to pass the time. Funny how it takes the world to end to be able to find time to read.

But now, he realized that if he continued to stay in his home, either he would die from starvation or boredom. That would be a really pathetic way to go out. If it is really his fate to die, he will die, he thought. No point trying to avoid the inevitable anyway. If he's going to go down, it would at least be of him fighting 100 zombies at one time using nothing but his bare hands.

Jack found it amusing how his motivation chose the weirdest of timing to be fired up. But somehow, the human survival instinct coupled with the need for social contact brought out something in him that he never felt be before. The fight response when in a fight or flight situation. He looked around his house again, this time, taking into account the things that he could utilize survive out there. If he's going to do this, he might as well be damned prepared for it.

Today is not going to be a normal day. Because today would be the day Jack steps out.


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