Today Is Not Going To Be A Normal Day: Day 8

Day 6.5

"We never got a chance to mobilize our army when the outbreak started. I guess that would be pretty much the same too with the rest of the world. Which might explain why there was never a rescue effort or a kind of counter attack because everywhere you have people randomly turning into one of them;, your officers, you platoon mate. One moment the sergeants were barking instructions for us, the next moment he was unto the lieutenant biting his ears off. If we had only gotten a chance..."

Jack looked on to his new companion as he took a puff from the cigarette he was holding and to the concrete floor the building they were in as if to give him a pause from the story that he was telling. Jack met his companion in the park near his apartment unit.  He was sitting on the bench, a rifle by his side and a few bodies around him. They all lied in a semi circle formation, with a pool of brown liquid underneath them. He was wiping the machete that he was holding with a white cloth obviously admiring his work.

"Found this on my sergeant after I shot him down", his companion said, snapping Jack out of his daydream. He was looking at the smoke that gradually flowed from the burning end of the cigarette without even looking at Jack. KM, as how his companion introduced himself, almost thought Jack was a zombie during their first encounter.

"After killing so many of them, you tend to forget how a live human tend to look like", he would say. If not for the books strapped on to his arms, KM said, he would have probably shot him on sight. "Learned that from Brad Pitt, didn't you", was the first sentence that Jack heard KM said on one sunny afternoon, near a park bench surrounded with dead bodies. They had left the park in a hurry after that, out of fear that they were in the open and when Jack mentioned about the army camp, KM merely laughed it away saying that he just left that place in search for survivors too. Apparently Jack had been too optimistic about the success the army had in dealing with the undead, especially when this infection works in a totally different way.

Still they went back to the camp as KM thought that it would be safe to have two armed humans than only one and another with books, so they decided to head back to the camp. The night was already approaching though and not wanting to move at night, KM suggested to bunk in for the night instead in a nearby apartment block. Never a person to question someone with a gun, Jack merely complied.

There were a couple more zombies in the way in which KM expertly disposed of each time while asking for Jack to wait in a safe distance. Not only was KM a soldier, which Jack had already guessed out from the first day itself from KM's clean shaven head and his black combat boots, he was an expert in martial arts too. Each time KM would sneak close enough to the zombies without them noticing before running their heart through with a smaller knife in his right hand. Each time he would dodge from the zombies clawing hands and each time he would emerge unscathed. Out of the endless possibilities of people Jack could end up with, it was KM, the zombie killing machine.

Jack's flashback was interrupted when a cloud of smoke drifted into his nose. He coughed and took a glance back at KM, who was still busy studying the cigarette. "Good old Marlboro. Never really liked the brand anyway", KM seem to conclude, but still proceeded to take another puff of it.

Jack wanted to add in something about cigarette brands. Just to contribute something, he figured. Maybe he could agree with KM about how this Marlboro brand sucked and elaborate about how his favorite brand is nowhere like it. But alas, his knowledge of any cigarette brands is close to zero, as he has never smoked even once before in his entire life. In the end,  Jack just nodded, pretending to understand KM's point.

They spent an entire day getting back to the army camp. Not a person who takes risks, KM tend to avoid zombie clusters, meaning an area with more than five zombies within one meter from each other. KM explained that while the zombies sense of smell, sight and hearing is not any better than the average human, it is still not a good idea to tackle them if they are in a group. After all, they are like a mob creatures. Alert one and the rest in the vicinity will also come for you. At least that part of zombies is correct.

With one final puff, his companion crushed the cigarette against the floor, turning his attention to Jack.

"So... lets get you started now, shall we?"


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