The Lazy Writer Problem

Out of the multitude of personality tests that I have done over the past few years, a lot of them told me the same thing that I don't quite see in me. That I have the potential to be a great writer. Either the tests were bogus or I may be the oddball case from the group of people sharing my personality, because if that's the case, with 1332 posts under this blog, people would be flocking to read what I have to write by now.

Or I guess another part of my personality is impeding my great writer side from coming out. The side that I would call the Lazy Luke, and it rhymes!

You see, no matter how good a writer is, one of the basic requirements of the job requires you to at least proofread your finished material once to ensure that there is no grammar mistake and the ensure that the flow is smooth so that your readers wouldn't get confused and all. But I never do that. Because I just think it's too much work to just go through everything that you have written again when you know exactly what you have written. It just gets boring after a while and I would usually give up after one or two paragraphs and go to Facebook later.

But then again, from what I see successful people are rarely lazy. Even if they do, they find effective shortcuts around problems that they are facing, not entirely skipping the compulsory work that needs to be done. Maybe it's time for me to not drift off to Facebook every time I try to proofread or grammar check. Maybe it's time for me to finally take a stand and be serious. I think I will start... tomorrow.

Because sleep and work now beckons.


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