The Gaming Flow

Five hours. 3.33 am.

If I had a girlfriend, she'd be probably wondering what's so interesting about sitting in front of a computer clicking away while busily chatting with my two friends until I could stayed glued to the screen for five hours straight. Almost no toilet break, no need to drink water and no awareness of the time that was flowing around me.

Not that the things we're discussing about would make any sense to her though, it mainly revolves around words like "resources", "not enough military units" and jargon that make us look like we're doing something serious when in fact we're just really playing computer games. And coming up with interesting things like this:

JCRC, EusoffWorks and AudiowWorks, my hall related stuff as city names

But then again, I guess this is where the appeal of gaming lies. Or at least for me.

While gaming alone could get dull quickly after a while, when you're busy chatting with your friends and playing with them during the game, it never really gets boring. Unless sleepiness begins to creep in that is, which was why we could not continue on after five hours.

But nevertheless, at least for me, I was having so much fun that the world around me just ceased to be. Maybe it's an addiction, maybe it's something unhealthy or maybe it's just this "flow" concept that we experience when we're doing the things that we love, I don't know.

What I do know is that I missed doing this. Back in university days, we could do this all day and all night without feeling even the slightest feeling of guilty or tiredness but now, well, I am getting old. My eyes was shutting down already by the 4 hour mark.

Still, it was fun being crazy in a game all over again.


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