Here's 3 Videos To Make You Tear Up

My Facebook newsfeed always has interesting stuff to show. While browsing the newsfeed today, I came across these two heart touching videos. If you're bored and looking for something emotionally stimulating, these three videos might just be the thing for you. Word of caution though, ninjas with onions might appear.


I'M NOT STUPID! 我不是笨蛋!

Lukey's remarks: Like most of the people watching the video, I wanted to comment on how uncaring the people who scolded the cashier as well. I would also want to comment on how ignorant are the people who did not do anything and say how I would have acted differently in the situation if I was there. But ultimately I realized that the comment would be self-serving, so I didn't.

For those wondering why not one bystander did anything, I guess it would be probably the bystander effect. To be honest, if you had thrown me there in that situation either as a bystander or as a customer, no matter what I said here, I would have no idea how would I react in that situation as well.

The sad thing is that while most of us would say things like how we're not gonna do that and how we're gonna help, reality is far from that. The stigma still runs strong in our society and like it or not, ultimately the best thing that we can give to those who are less fortunate is ignorance. We pretend that they do not exist and we let them go on as they wished in their lives as long as they don't interfere with us. That's the best reaction that most of us would give, because admist our busy lives and schedule, we will never have the time to stop by and do good. Because I know I have.

Looking at that video is sort of like a reminder to me that I have to always keep my perspective in check. One of the most important things we need is patience, something that we are increasingly throwing away in our era of instant gratification and instant results. Hopefully this video will somewhat have an impact in how we treat those who are less fortunate in our world.

To the guy in the helmet and the Indian lady, they have all of my respect. They stepped up and help instead of just looking, and that took a herculean amount of effort. Faith in humanity restored.


Gordon Ramsay, a blind chef and an apple pie

Lukey's remarks: Hmm reality TV. Hmm. But still, still loved the video, be it real or not. Always loved Gordon Ramsay myself.


Saroo Brierley: Homeward Bound

Lukey remarks: Kinda amazing what technology could do, right? Other than that, he is one lucky dude. I could imagine a thousand ways how this could have gone wrong, but everything just worked out fine for him. I guess there's happy endings in the world after all.


And there you have it folks, three feels trip videos. Time for me to sleep.


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