Why I Don't Agree With The Teacher

A student went to Twitter to vent about her teacher using not really pretty words like Bitch and Whore. Teacher hatches a plan to "teach" student a lesson. Plans get executed and uploaded to Youtube. Plan gets a whole load more of attention than intended. Video went viral. Both teacher and student got reprimanded and punished in the form of "leave" and suspension.

video can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoSqpERdU2I

While I in no way condone what was done by the student in calling her teacher a wh*re and a b*tch over Twitter, I don't think it is a big deal because honestly, who doesn't? I've done much worse during my secondary school days, calling teachers whom I hate with much more colourful names and never was it an issue. I think our class even had not so good nicknames for teachers we hated too.

And hey, most of us turned out okay in the end. But even so, we respected teachers who were good to us. Teachers who genuinely cared and taught, we listened to them and we made friends with them. We even looked forward to their classes. It was with teachers whom reads of the book or who enjoys making hell for us that we picked on. And looking at the video, it's very obvious which category the teacher belonged in.

I think the biggest mistake done by the student itself was to post it on Twitter (or Facebook) itself, when it came under the teacher's attention. If it had been a discussion among friends, nothing would have happened and life would have gone on normally. Like how it used to be before social media. So I guess it's part of this generation's curse to have to learn about what you can or cannot say on the internet at a very young age, to avoid doing something that you will regret later on.

But despite saying all that, I still think what the teacher did was wrong. While I am all for educating the student on what she did wrong and why she cannot do it, what I saw from the video itself is not about education but more on getting even. It's not a video showing a teacher trying to teach her student but rather a bully exacting revenge on somebody who wronged her, which I guess was part of the reason why the student used those words on her in the first place.

The whole time I was watching the video, I couldn't help but feel sorry for the student myself. I mean come on, asking another student to keep filming while you abuse your power to torment her? That's even worse than what the student did. To be honest, if the video clip was filmed without the teacher knowing and if her tone of voice was slightly different, I would have bought it. But unleashing an endless barrage of insults against the student is no different from what a bully does. Imagine the psychological trauma that the student would have to go through itself.

I must reiterate again that the teacher has every right to reprimand the student because the student clearly did something wrong, but not in this way. From how I see it, the teacher took the tweet personally rather than the actions of what every student will do and set out to get revenge, to sort of restore her self-esteem or ego, rather than really teaching the student. She did not have to confront the student in such a manner, not even in a classroom, because I think the same message could get across even in a quiet staff room. As an adult, you must know when to brush aside criticisms from those who are younger than you and to rise above their comments. Abusing your power just to send a message is just plain wrong.

In the end, I think rather than actually achieving something, I think the teacher has just succeeded in making the student hate her more and thinks that she's even more of a wh*ore and b*tch than initially.


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