They Tried To Trap Me At Sentosa's 4D Adventureland's Fright Nite

Yes, they really did. But like any gorgeously dashing hero out there, I managed to escape at the end of the day and live to tell me tale. I'm not bluffing, really. I even have a picture to prove myself:

I was trapped at "Trapped". LOL

It's been a while since I last attended any blog related events ever since starting my 9-5 job, so I was actually quite eager to sign up for any event that came into my way. And just as my luck would have it, Sentosa Island and DSPG invited me to an event consisting something that I have never gone before and swore never to touch, a haunted trail. Not forgetting a 4D horror ride that was thrown together with it. How much they expect a timid blogger to take, anyway?

But went to the haunted trail I did, because I was kinda miss attending events like this, despite knowing that there might be a huge possibility that I could not sleep later at night. Besides, I just had to prove to myself that I'm not a small boy anymore. I mean in the rare case where I do come across any real undead, I wouldn't want to be the one who runs away first. No no no, the god of Handsome calls for much more than that. So into the haunted trail I tread.

that's me trying to put a brave face before attempting the "walk" of terror

To my relief, I found that walking a haunted trail itself is much less scarier than watching a horror movie, for reasons that I don't know why. I mean sure, there were a bunch of zombies and undead walking around screaming into you every now and then but somehow, they're just not as as creepy as you would normally find them in movies.

in fact, my first instinctive reaction is always: "where's my shotgun/chainsaw/grenade?"

It's not to say that the scare actors were not good though. In fact, they were brilliant. Superbly brilliant, if I may add. For the whole 2 hours plus (or 3?) session, they managed to maintain their character despite us bloggers trying to act brave around them.

"Hey, lets take a picture!"

"Oh can I hold your knife?"

"You're so cute!"

If it was me, I think I would have burst of laughing or broke character if someone ever tried to engage me when I'm busy trying to pretend that I'm some blood thirsty zombie.

Other than the opportunity to experience walking amongst the undead, as part of this new attraction called Fright Nites they're putting up at the 4D Adventureland, we were required to walk the haunted trail detailing the story of how a coryph√©e (a leading dancer in a ballet troupe) died innocently from the curse of one of her jealous dancers.

The path is like one of those you get from haunted houses walk, where you have "dead" people popping up randomly to scare you. My tip: Always walk in the middle.

you'll never know what's around the corner

Luckily for me, I was not the first one in line, so I had plenty of warning before the "ghosts" appear. Or else you would have caught me running out from the place pretty quickly, with both of my hands in the air and screaming.

Other than that, we also had the chance to experience a 4D horror ride (or 5D, if you consider the random "ghosts" scaring you while you're halfway through the ride) which was converted from the extreme log ride itself. To be honest, I was actually terrified of the ride, because I suck at horror movies, but luckily for me, the movie itself is something like the shooter game The House of the Dead rather than something scary like say Insidious or The Ring. Seriously, if they have had the girl crawling towards me in 3D, I would have fainted right on the spot.

Nonetheless, the 4D ride itself was exhilarating. There was a lot of adrenaline alright as you watch the zombies and monsters appear right in front of you in 3D. Also, your car moves!

aside from the ride, you have to beware of scare actors popping up from the side of your ride

Last but not least, they also changed the Desperados shooting game to something featuring zombies, which is kinda normal for me since I am too used to shooting game anyway. The 3D part was kinda exciting though.

It was a great experience if you ask me, since it turned out way better than what I've expected. I was half expecting to run away from the rides initially if it got too scary. And yes, that's how low my courage is. I think I can start calling myself Luke, the cowardly blogger.

ooo Singapore Polytechnic was involved :o

Anyway, Fright Nites is part of the Sentosa Spooktacular October events, where you can enjoy the modified horror themed rides of the 4D Adventureland. Fright Nites is only opened on the weekends on October though, specifically 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26 & 27th of October and is priced at 38.90 SGD for adults and 26.90 SGD for children, with unlimited entries for the day. It's something to be considered if you want to test your courage before going for the more serious and scarier rides that will be around Sentosa for the month of October. For more information, you can always visit

Last but not least, I survived!


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