Sometimes We Should Just Mind Our Own Business

So the other day I was browsing 9gag and came across a picture of a lady in a bridal gown crying in a subway.

A lot of the comments mentioned about how the person should have asked her what's wrong instead of taking picture and looking at the picture myself, I felt that I would have gone to her to and asked her what's wrong. You know, the typical guy in white armor mentality.

But did you know that the picture was not what it seems to be? Where a bride supposingly got jilted during her wedding and now is feeling in the dumps? A quick Google search revealed otherwise.


So imagine what would have happened if you actually walked up to her? You saw her, thought that her heart was broken and walk up to her holding this picture in your head that you're doing something good and being her knight in shining armor only to have her maybe tell you how you got it all wrong and how she's happy instead of being sad! That would have been an epic embarrassment and not to mention cock-blocker.

Lesson to be learned here? Sometimes it's just to mind our own business and not act the hero. Plus maybe it's time to drop those romantic flicks that you're watching.

Just kidding. It's always good to lend a helping hand. Just that the result may not be what you expect only.


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