Rant and VeganBurg

I realize that with work being a big part of my life right now, there's not much that I could share on my blog as compared to my study days. But I came across two interesting articles today that sort of stood against each other in terms of philosophy. One being the comic about Bill Watterson and the importance of chasing your dream, and the other about how the Gen-Y are generally unhappy because of our unrealistic expectations and such.

I do realize that growing up, the message about how we should chase our dreams and to be the most special one has been constantly hammered into us (no thanks to Disney), until sometimes we tend to forget one of the most important fact of life; that despite all the success stories of people making it all around us, most of the time we would often start in the middle of the bell curve like everyone else. 

The secret is not to let what's happening around you dampen your spirit and to keep on trying to carve your mark in the world, no matter if it's in the smallest way possible, because if you noticed, a lot of people are only starting to find success and meaning after their 30s. So if you're still around 20+, fret not, you're still in the exploratory and starting out phase.

But I believe that I have wrote about this a lot already so I'm going to talk about something else. Like the burger joint that I went today called VeganBurg who boast that all of their burgers are made out of veggies, 100%. And one of their tag line happened to be, "Think fast food is junk food? Think again!".

Aside from the fast food part and the lack of meat, I think VeganBurg is a pretty decent place to visit.

I visited the branch at Turf City (or The Grandstand as it is called now) with my colleagues and boss and I must say, for a meat lover like me, I am actually quite impressed with what VeganBurg has to offer.

The environment itself was great, with the garden themed decoration, fake grass seats and a huge motorcycle in the shop, which made the eating experience kinda special. Excellent environment to sit and chill with your friends, if you ask me. Of course, this impression is made during non-peak hours so take it with a pinch of salt.

But other than that, I would say that the food itself is the main attraction. Although I'm not a big fan of vegetables, and I sorta cringed when my boss suggested an all veggie burger joint, all my doubts were blown into pieces once I sank my teeth into the burger and fries, which came in a cute mash can that reminded me of my scouting days.

The fries itself is heavenly. There's no other word to describe it. I ordered their seaweed fries and not only were they fried to just the perfect crispy level, it's neither too salty nor too tasteless and after one bite, you'll just automatically keep taking more. I finished mine in less than 5 minute. It was that good. The fries at other places like Everything With Fries pales in comparison to them. There's no starchy type of taste that came with the fries.

As for the burger, I tried the Haiwaiian Teriyaki and I must say, although the patty is make from soy, I can't really differentiate it with normal meat. The bread itself is soft, the pineapple slice is juicy, the sauce is just nice and the lettuce is fresh. No complaints. I savored every bite of it.

Who knew vegan burgers can turn out to be so good? They have a website at http://www.veganburg.com/ if you're interested to find out more. Sorry for the brief post, but my bed beckons. Nights.


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