Please reject me?

Seek rejection. Do not be afraid of it. Embrace it. Because the possibilities is endless. That was the message that this guy called Jia Jiang was advocating in his talk.

While listening to his speech, I realized that the feeling that I got from his message was similar to the one that I got while watching Yes Man starring Jim Carrey before. While both their methods differ, one similarity that they have is how it emphasizes you to be putting yourself out there in the big bad world without being afraid of getting hurt or disappointed.

I still occasionally say Yes to random stuff every now and then (and trust me it's fun) but actively seeking rejection is something that I have not quite grasp. I guess it's because I'm terribly afraid of the hurt that accompanies rejection and my self-esteem is more like tofu than steel. But I guess Jia Jiang has one hell of a point. If you never ask or request, how would you ever gain? Because sitting at your corner waiting for something to drop at your lap isn't exactly productive and will rarely get you anywhere.

I guess it's because how we tend to view rejection as indication of others acceptance of us and how that indirectly ties back to our own self-esteem and how we view ourselves. When others reject us, our self-esteem usually takes a direct hit resulting in we not feeling very good about ourselves, which is why many of us avoid it like a plague.

But then again, other than than slight moment of embarrassment, people tend to forget rejection rather quickly and I think we are often our own biggest enemy when it comes to finding opportunities. And looking at the amount of pessimism that I have floating in my system right now, I suppose some degree of craziness would be fun. I guess I could go looking for my set of donuts by this week...

Maybe I could do something like Jia Jiang, where I could go and find at least one rejection per day and to blog about it. Of course, some ground rules like no requests that goes against the law should be in place for this to work. Maybe I could start with one crazy request first and see how things go from there. But in celebration of the spirit of procrastination, not today... zzz...


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