The sad fact is that we need to feed

So I stumbled this article/photo at the best time possible this morning, half groggy from having just woken up and on my way to work, wondering if I can get coffee on the way.

not entirely a good quote to wake up to

not good quote x2

It would seem that we are being fed with this type of idealistic thinking that we are entitled to what we want or what we think we deserve everyday in our society today. The sad fact is that while this type of belief is somewhat motivating, the idea that every single one of us would be waking up and looking forward to our work is just not possible for one single reason, that we humans need to feed to survive.

Just take the ancient times, for example, when the majority of humans were hunter or gatherers living in caves. Do you think that every single one of them enjoys waking up every morning having to risk their life hunting wild animals for food? While some might, others may not. But hate it or like it, they had no choice in order to survive. If they did not hunt, their family would starve, they would starve. Hunting was was their ticket to surviving.

The same goes for our society today. I don't know where this idea came from, but I suspect it originated from the individualistic culture of the Western societies, the fact remains that our society cannot merely function on everyone being superstars or actors. Unless you build robots to do the not so enjoyable jobs like cleaning, or unless you build a culture where jobs like janitor are glorified, there will always be a section of society who will not be in their dream job.

Even if we do achieve that, the problem remains that we have too big of a population to fit everyone in to the popular jobs. So unless you can separate society into different sections with each of them liking different jobs and with each of them being equally paid, we cannot have a society where everyone enjoy their jobs. Because holding a work today is equivalent to going out to hunting in ancient times. There's no other way around it.


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