The Girl In Pinafore: Now where's my girl in the pinafore?

Step aside Jack Neo, Singapore now has a new talent, and his name is Chai Yee Wei.

also the director of Singapore's latest movie, The Girl in Pinafore

When I heard of the new film the Girl in Pinafore, my first thought was, "Oh another movie like The Apple in My Eye (那些年)", which I think would be the first reaction of many people since the film's poster and everything has roughly the same feel reminiscent of  那些年.

Little did I know that the film was Singaporean produced and takes place in Singapore, until I read about it in the newspaper about how the film received critical response during the screening in Shanghai. And I must say, even though the movie may sound similar to 那些年 at the first glance, it offers another take on the our growing up experience altogether and I must say, the movie is awesome.

In one sentence, you die die must watch the film. And if you happen to be a song lover, you must DIE DIE DIE DIE watch the film.

2013 must watch movie

While The Girl in Pinafore has all the elements that you would expect from a high school love movie; a bad boy who wants to follow his dreams, hopelessly in love with a girl from a rich family who's mother does not approve of him, a bunch of friends who share the same dream and not forgetting an asshole rival that wants the girl, I think that one of the reason why the movie is so enjoyable is because of the in depth development of the movie and of how the movie cleverly inserts songs here and there to keep the movie's pace going.

There's never a dull moment in the movie, I would go as far to say that, as the movie leads us through the various development of the story among the teenagers beautifully without leaving too much of a drag in between or throwing in too much action at one go. For example, just when the movie has set the tone of interaction between the 4 guys and the 3 girls, Liyana was introduced as Xiaopang's love interest through a cute interaction in his car to add an additional flavor to the movie.

i also liked how the four guys ended up with their own love interest

Perhaps what I love the most about the movie is how it does not attempt to sugar coat anything, from the porno business scene in the school toilet to the fathers teaching their sons about the use of condoms to the ending itself, I would think that the perspective taken by the movie portrays a very realistic outlook to life that we could all relate to. Of course one of my friend hated the ending, but I nonetheless enjoyed it as it was kinda unexpected but yet humbling at the same time. Ultimately, I think that the purpose of this movie is not about a fairy tale ending, but rather moving on in life and accepting the harsh realities of it.

Other than that, I also appreciate the development and thoughts given in to side characters as well in the movie. I realized that the movie does not really leave the supporting cast behind, as in one scene when the main character Jia Min called his love interest May over the phone, it was immediately followed up by shots of his buddies hitting on the other girls too. And I especially enjoyed the scene where Xiaopang's dad tried to talk to him about going after a Malay girl, which I think is heartening to see how such a sensitive issue being addressed in the movie as well and how it all turned out in the end for Xiaopang (no spoilers here so you must watch!), which I guess drives home the message that sometimes following your heart is all that matters.

the film is colourful and vibrant too!

Last but not least, being a fan of Steven Lim myself (after all my blog post about him is one of the most visited ones in my blog, I know, sad right), I was totally laughing myself off the seat when I saw him being featured in the movie itself. I must take my hat off to the director for being able to put Steven Lim on the show in a spirit that is true to Steven Lim and not subjecting the audience to torture by his music and I think the whole cinema was laughing at that point too.

Speaking of which, I was also surprised at how the director managed to incorporate a lot of the Singapore identity into the movie itself. Although I'm not from Singapore, I could totally relate to the feelings being portrayed and I think the way that Chai Yee Wei puts it in the film somehow reminds us of the nostalgic feeling of our hometown too.

there's also scenes like this

Depending on whether you're a fan of happy endings or not so good endings you may leave the cinema with different feelings but as for me, I am extremely satisfied with the movie. It's a down to earth coming to age and also a realistic love story, with most of them not ending with their childhood sweetheart and it's definitely one of the more humbling movies that I've watched so far. I loved everything else about the movie, from the humour to the songs itself (though it would be too long a post if I wanted to elaborate everything) and I would put it along with Monsters University and Pacific Rim as one of the must watch movies of 2013. Definitely worth your money. 

Tip: bring your crush too.

Read the alternative ending that I wished I had seen in the movie here:


On a side note, it's interesting to see how Jayley and Hayley have progressed so far in just this few years. I've met them once upon a time before during the F&N Dance Delight Blogging competition and had known them as bloggers but who knew after 2 years I would be seeing them on the big screen.

photo taken back in 2011, before you all say I cheat you all, courtesy of

In fact more than 6 people in the photo up there are highly successful in their own rights, while I'm still here barely taking off. It speaks a lot about them though, something that I should definitely learn, about how you can really achieve something if you put your heart into it. And if you can see I'm just the geeky guy with specs and in yellow in that picture, so you can guess how big the gap is between me and the rest. It's like the low key guy who suddenly finds himself among the stars.

Of course, seeing them serves as a reminder to me too that should this lazy bugger puts enough effort in, the lazy bugger could succeed too, it's just that somewhere along the line the bugger had a career change of some sort and lost his focus. But never mind, the lazy bugger is definitely going to try again, like I said I somehow chose the hard difficulty to start with, and speaking of career change, the lazy bugger just have one in mind that he would like to try out by Friday. Stay tuned, alright, provided if the lazy bugger don't lazy off halfway during the holiday period.


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