It's us, not her

Disgust, horror, disappointment. These are just a few of the general reactions to Miley Cyrus's latest performance at MTV's Video Music Awards 2013, where there Miley displayed some rather eye opening actions such as butt shaking, tongue jeering and some actions that are hard to describe. A lot of people are shocked alright, from the comments, reactions and articles that I saw, with most of it bordering on hate, saying things like Miley is a disgrace, a bad idol and a attention whore.

the now infamous VMA 2013 performance

Miley was not the first one to go down this path though. Before her, there was already Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, starting off as the everyday good girl but quickly spiraling down to a rebel drama queen of sorts, almost seems like there's a Disney curse, and always the reaction has been the same.

"What is happening to our society nowadays?"

"How could we let all these sex crazed girls become our daughter's idols?"

"Is there no more values and morals in our young people today?"

the disney princess trio

To all the people who are outraged with Miley's VMA 2013 performance, I have this to tell you. Even without Miley doing all those type of performance, the teenage girls today will be nowhere better. Because we as a society have failed them. Because it is us itself who glorifies this type of exhibitionism and what Miley merely did was to capitalize on it.

Sigmund Freud had a very good word to describe our metaphorical crucifixion of Miley online, and it's called  Reaction Formation, where we express our impulses or wants in a directly opposite manner or where we condemn a wish that goes against the norm, much like a priest who condemns pornography when he secretly has a stash at home. The act of acting shocked at Miley is exactly that.

I mean how many of us guys would not enjoy seeing girls act like that in front of us and only to us? I don't know about girls but I do know that as much as us guys say we hate sex or anything, I can guarantee that most of it all bullshit. What Miley did was a reflection our own societal values, what we want and that's why it sold. That's why we are paying attention.

There are tons of female celebrities who did not go down the path of the Disney Princess Trio and where are they now? Remember Raven or Hillary Duff? Somehow they have faded into the background, not as famous as they used to and the reason is precisely because they did not do something as outrageous as Miley. Now imagine if they did. Imagine if the headlines tomorrow read: "Hillary Duff admits to sleeping with 50 men in one night". What would the response be? I'm sure one thing that she'll definitely be getting is tons of attraction. And an indirect boost to her career.

oh so now you are a mum? that's boring

The sad fact is this: We humans enjoy sitting on top of our ivory tower and acting all self-righteous. We love to blame people for our own failings. Miley Cyrus was not the propagator of whatever moral decay that you're so angry at, she's merely the product of what our society is advocating right now. Of course it's easier to have a scapegoat like her to blame for everything that we perceive is going wrong with today's female generation but the truth is that we are the ones who are pushing society into that direction.

Because of every bad thing that we said about her performance, at least for the guys, we secretly enjoy watching her do this:

I would admit that it's sad. But just to argue my point, you just have to see how many people in the crowd who were raising their hands and encouraging it. 


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