I'm just showing off, really

You know some people love to show off online after they have gone to the gym or did some exercise? Well I think I'm gonna do that too. I have recently started to pick up jogging/walking (because I am so bad I end up walking most of the time) again, and part of the fun comes from exploring new routes around my neighbourhood.

le route that I explored yesterday

I enjoy jogging very much in Singapore, to be honest, because I find Singapore to be extremely joggers friendly. There's nothing much to be worried about even when you're jogging at night (which is what I'm  mostly doing) as there are designated paths that you can follow, which are brightly lit, and there are many  signs along the way to guide you, not to mention the other people who are doing the same too.

some example of the signs

useful maps to help you figure out where are you

Of course, if you would ask me to rank, I would enjoy Laser Tag the most, while I find badminton and jogging to be equally enjoyable, only that there are no indoor laser tag arenas that I know of in Singapore and booking a badminton court is just plain troublesome.

I think I enjoy jogging more cause it's more of a solitary activity in which you can just go according your own pace and just take in your surroundings. Besides, I secretly hoping that some love drama encounters will happen to me, you know the type where the guy bumps into a girl or something...

Okay I'm thinking too much.


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