Welcome to the Internet Court

Okay I've been slow. I know this issue was hyped up several days ago until it almost started a Singapore internet war, but I've been busy so I didn't write about it. Now that I'm free with nothing to write about, and to close all the tabs in my internet browser because I like to keep my blog sources open as a reminder to write about them, may I present to you the infamous Ridhwan vs Luna case.

the pictures that started it all, source: therealsingapore

The story itself is freakishly long if you went and read up on both of the girl's and guy's story, but to put it short and simple, Mr Ridhwan, who also happens to be the actor who played Ismail in the movie "Ah Boys to Men" (which was part of the reason this whole fiasco flared up in the first place), hit his girlfriend for reasons only he and she knows that I would not want to speculate and the story subsequently got posted up by his girlfriend or her friend (I forgot the details) and from there the story got picked up by the internet and went viral.

Yahoo Singapore even wrote a piece about it, followed by The Real Singapore and the whole island was seen debating about it for a few days. Who is at fault, who should be blamed, who is the bigger idiot, and who deserved to be crucified. It's kinda interesting to see how people from all sides try to argue to see who is right though, with some saying it's Ridhwan's fault no matter what for hitting a girl while others are blaming the girlfriend instead for pushing him over the edge, but I'm not going to discuss who's right or wrong here.

In fact, I only have one question: Why is this even a topic to be debated about? Because seriously, why are we even so concerned about him hitting her in the first place?

how the entire argument turned out to be in the end

To be honest, if you ask me who's at fault here, I think both Ridhwan and Luna are guilty. I mean really? You want to bring your argument to the internet for people to judge? I know both Luna and Ridhwan posted their own story on the net to explain their points of view or to do damage control but the whole time I'm reading their story, I cannot help but wonder if they're really doing it for the sake of their relationship or is it because they just want to throw the entire incident out unto the web and let the masses judge in order to see who's the more "correct" one. Because to be honest, if your boyfriend is that bad, you should have left him long ago and never looked back, not make everything public to get back at him. Nor you should dignify that attempt to bring you down by replying (though I admit that I agree with Ridhwan's initial point that the internet should not have been involved). 

A relationship should have been between two people and a few close friends at most and even if things do start to get ugly, you shouldn't just laid it bare for everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) to see because people can really start to question your motive of doing so. After all, one's private life should never become a public drama. Privacy exists for reason.

the internet is not a court after all

But of course, the issue is dying now and I'm just really picking on old news to write. You know, there are things that you just need to get out of your system or else you'll feel damn uncomfortable. It's been like a week since this issue first surfaced after all. Stalking both Luna's and Ridhwan's twitter seem to give the impression that both of them has sort of moved on, with the exception of a cryptic tweet or two from Luna about her feelings now. So yeah, I guess you can now declare the issue to be officially over. Next, please.

take your guess on what issue is gonna come next

Anyway, I actually went and made a second video HERE. Only when I was halfway doing it did I realize why I originally wanted to just blog and not make videos, because making videos involves me putting my face out while blogging allows me to hide behind my words. But no backing out now though. I'm gonna stick to what I've planned. Plan to start on the third video after this.

In other news, researchers at the Lukey Is Handsome Institute have reported an increase in sales for items like anti-depressants, chocolates and porn magazines. Although seemingly unrelated, the researchers are theorizing that the increase in sales for these three items might have to do with the long weekend finally coming to an end.


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