You Are Everywhere (Lyrics + Translation), plus a little Rooftop Review

ba ta wang ji
Just forget about her

zhong fu gao su zi ji
I keep telling myself

shou xi bu zai shou xi
What I once knew well feels so different now

dan qing xi que huan shi yi yang qing xi
Although things are still as clear as they were


O~ qu ba
Oh ~ just go please

sui zhe you shou xuan luu
Following the melody of the right hand

wang le zuo shou de wei qu
I have forgotten about the pain on my left hand

jiu suan mei ban zou ye ke yi ji xu
Even if there's no one to accompany me I can still continue


前進 找尋新的記憶和空氣
qian jin zhao xun xin de ji yi he kong qi
Move on, to find new memories and air

放晴 等雨說放棄
fang qing deng yu shuo fang qi
Clearing everything, waiting for the rain to say give up



zai you yan lei de yu li
In the midst of the tearing rain

na li dou shi ni
You are everywhere

ca gan shi fou jiu kan bu jian ni
Wondering if I would stop seeing you if I wiped the tears away

腦海裡 你的笑容太徹底
nao hai li ni de xiao rong tai che di
In my mind, your smile is just too complete

che di ba wo qiu jin zai ni de hu xi
Thoroughly trapping me in your breath

wo gen zhe ku qi
I can't help it but to weep


zai you yan lei de yu li
In the midst of the tearing rain

na li dou shi ni
You are everywhere

bao jin ni shi wo tao li de ju li
Tightly embracing you is my form of escape

太擁擠 我在你的世界裡
tai yong ji wo zai ni de shi jie li
Your world is too crowded to be able to fit me in

kan bu qing chu de shi ni huan shi zi ji
Wondering if it's you or myself that I have trouble seeing

wo men dou zai deng yu ting
We are both in fact waiting for the rain to stop 

Chinese and Han Yu Pin Yin lyrics obtained from, with some alterations from my side to the English translation (Not really good with Chinese to English translation so if you have a better translation please do suggest!)


 I thought the trailer looked good and I wanted to hear some new songs from Jay Chou, so I went to catch his new movie, The Rooftop, the other day.

Story wise, it's the classic story about love that was never meant to be between a poor guy and a rich girl, but despite the overused story premise, I still find myself enjoying the movie due to its light heartedness and colourful setting. I must say, Jay Chou really has a knack of producing artistic movie in terms of sets and colours.

There were certainly a lot of effort given into the props and environment throughout the movie to make it look retro yet lively at the same time (even Jay Chou's shack looks surprisingly homely) and it was enjoyable to see the characters interact in them throughout the movie. If you ask me, I would say that the sets are the biggest pulling point of the entire movie, along with the character's makeup and clothes, and even though the acting might flail sometimes the vibrancy of the settings itself is more than enough to keep the movie going.

I particularly loved how movie imagined the layout and decoration for places like the rooftop and the night market, and merely by looking at it you'll wish that you can be there. With the music and dancing thrown in together, I can't help but to feel that I'm watching one giant broadway musical on screen.

The acting itself is also not too bad, the movie is after all aimed at giving a light hearted entertainment for the audience due to the abundance of jokes and pranks, so there's not really much thinking and stuff to ponder about. Some may not like it, but I personally enjoyed it as a movie to just chill and destress.

Aside from that, I also loved the artistic approach taken by the movie. Every scene is like a choreographed dance, from the perspective of film making, where Jay Chou has this unique eye to shoot what he wants. Loved it too as it adds to the vibrancy and feel of the movie. From the rooftop to the movie set to the spa fighting scene, I loved how each setting is portrayed differently with different angles, lighting and colour, so it gives you something fresh to look at every time as the movie progressed.

Of course, no movie is not without its weakness. As far as I am concerned, the movie was doing great until the climax and the ending. Then I would imagine the plotline took a barrage of shots from a machine gun because the climax and the ending part is riddled with holes.

I don't know what Jay Chou was trying to do, but somehow I felt that he tried to add too much stuff to make the climax as explosive as possible, with the hero going to great lengths to do stupid stuff in order to impress the girl when he doesn't have to, thus giving your head a tough time figuring out the logic. As Michael Bay has proven, trying to make your movie too explosive sometimes may not be a good idea.

Still it's an enjoyable movie and with it being a Jay Chou movie and all, there's tons of songs to accompany the movie. Out of the 35 though, I especially liked "You Are Everywhere (哪裡都是你)" because I can relate most to the song, though there's no girl I can sing to, and because Jay Chou is the king of break up / love songs after all.

All in all, the movie is vibrant, colourful, light hearted and enjoyable filled to the brim with Jay Chou's new songs, so if you're his fan, you have got to watch it. Just don't sit until the ending.


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