When It Comes To Fighting Aliens, We Only Have Nukes

Have you ever realize that in the unlikely event that our dear mother Earth do get invaded by a bunch of power hungry blood sucking aliens, humanity's only hope, our ultimate weapon, has always been the nuclear bomb? Even in almost all Hollywood adaptations, no matter what strategy we cook up to defeat the invading aliens/monsters, we always have to rely on the our nuclear arsenal to deliver the finishing blow?

In Independence Day for example, although the MIT graduate played by Jeff Goldblum did manage to send a virus to the aliens mothership, he and Will Smith had to deliver a nuclear bomb to the mothership as well in order to successfully secure a victory.

hi, anyone ordered a nuclear missile delivery?

Not only that, even when we have the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow on our team, we still had to send another nuke towards the alien mothership to kill all the invaders at one shot, delivered by yours truthfully Iron Man.

iron man: also the nuke delivery boy

Even in the horribly made movie Battlefield: Earth (which I only happened to chance across because my dad bought its DVD) a nuclear bomb was used to set off a chain reaction in the alien's home planet in order to claim back Earth.

i'm only including the movie here for the sake of reference

Last but not least, although humans did manage to create technologically impossible giant robots to fight with the invading kaijus in Pacific Rim, we still needed to transport a nuclear device across the portal to the invader's home world in order to detonate it and seal off the portal while killing those unlucky onlookers in the process, thus effectively winning the war.

part jaeger, part nuclear detonation device when you need it

Of course, not all alien invasion movies had to resort to using nukes as the finishing move to defeat the aliens, Battleship and Battlefield: Los Angeles instead depended on the current technology that we have, while War of the Worlds resorted to throwing bacteria at the aliens. It's amusing to note that when it comes to an all out war with the aliens, it's sad to see that if everything fails, nuclear bombs would be our last and final resort. And if that fails too, well good luck.

I guess why nukes remain such a popular choice as a finishing move for a battle against aliens may be due to the immense power that it holds in such a small container,or warhead, if you may. Thus the deployment of it as well as the construction would be relatively easier that scrambling an entire army out. Just hit a button and boom, the most amount of damage that you can inflict as possible.

But then again, always depending on a single weapon gets boring after a while. After all, the nuclear bomb has remained as humanity's strongest weapon for quite some time now. Perhaps there could be something new? A laser bomb, perhaps. Or a singularity missile that creates a black hole when fired. Also, it would be interesting if we could unleash chemical or biological bombs against aliens. How about you? What kind of weapon that you would hope to see should we decide to face off with alien armies? One that has the amount of damage comparable to the nuclear bomb?


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