Something Ugly Can Be Beautiful Too (RE: Mcdonald's Minion Madness)

When everyone is crazily jumping into the minion bandwagon, standing up in a crazy queue just to buy a meal to get a yellow toy and discarding any civic sense at the same time...

taken from mcdonald's kampar

an ebay auction, with actually 37 bids

prangin mall, penang

While some are busy criticizing them (I am partially guilty of this, I admit)...

the general comments that i see from the net

A group of individuals saw this as an opportunity to do good...

taken from





To be honest, I am actually ashamed of myself when I saw this. Because for all my self righteous rants online on how stupid I see the minion incident, I didn't go the extra mile, to turn the phenomena into something good instead of just a display of our human's greed. Rather I just sat in front of the keyboard, banged away and then felt good about myself. That's it. Nothing good actually came out of it other than some "likes".

To the people behind The Happiest Meal, kudos to all of you, no matter who you all are. You guys managed to turn an event featuring human stupidity into a display of human's kindness. You guys restored our faith in humanity. And the idea is just brilliant. Getting people to do charity indirectly.

I wonder if the same can be done in Singapore? :p


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