My Short Commencement Speech

Readers of this blog! Passers by who happened to drop by from the internet! I see in your eyes the hope that you'll be blown away by this blog post, that one day I would want to achieve. A day may come, when Lukey writes the best graduating blog post ever, one that would move everyone who reads it to tears, but it is not this day. An age of glory for Lukeyishandsome(dot)com, where people far and wide come to be inspired, but it is not this day! This day I slack! By all the energy that I don't tonight, I promise you, loyal readers of this blog, that I will write an awesome graduation post in the future! (Maybe)

After 4 years of proudly bearing the identity of a NUS student, today was finally the day for me to move on with life and be part of something else, and as much as I would love to write something profound or even touching to mark the end of my journey (and a new beginning), I'm afraid the 8 hours+ bus journey of the previous night coupled with my lack of sleep today has left me with insufficient brain juice to rise to the task. In the words of AraLukey, Aragon's brother, it is not this day.

However, if I were to sum my feelings up on graduating today in one photo, it would be this one:

graduate lo!

Excited, yes, at the new opportunities and adventures that lie ahead of me as the NUS door behind me closes, and nervous too, at the thought of what may lie ahead in my days to come. That's the general feeling that I have right now and that's for another post to elaborate.

With the remaining brain juice that I have however, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my family who made this entire journey possible with their selfless sacrifices, especially my parents, and to be honest, you will never really know how valuable your family are until you're old enough yourself. I started my journey in NUS with them, and it's great how it ended together with them <3 p="">

even my aunt and uncle came! :p

Also would love to thank Joshua and a few EusoffWorks juniors for their surprise visit!

my surprise paparazzi team for the day

Seriously, I felt like a celebrity today. Nevertheless, commencement day is truly a memorable day! Long post coming soon!


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