May I have a rewind of time please? (Also Gear Wars post included)

Life up til now has been relatively comfortable. I have my parents paying my bill, my life's goals were simple at best (don't fail any subjects and get that degree) and there's no bills nor paychecks to worry about. Coming back this time round to Singapore, to a new place far from what I have been accustomed to for the past 4 years (a relatively cheap single room with almost every facility taken care of), is like one big huge wake up call for me.

"Luke, you're no longer a kid, dear. You are now a fully grown adult with all the responsibilities that come with it, including finding enough money to take care of yourself, paying all the bills and debts that you are supposed to pay and not forgetting to help take care of your family back in your hometown", I could almost hear a voice booming from the sky telling me this. It's funny seeing how quickly we are thrust into a working adult life as soon as we graduate. The idiot who said something about chasing dreams and that money is not important must not have undergo the dread of seeing a big fat 0 on his bank account before.

But then again, no matter how much I whine, time is only going to move forward and I have no choice but to grudgingly go with it.

Anyway, enough of me whining. How about some competition to bring some motivation to you guys?

From now to July 14th, if you happen to be a designer who loves to game, Logitech in partnership with Singapore , is organizing a design-your-own-gaming-rig competition where you can draw out the gaming equipment of your dreams, along with the specifications of your machine to stand a chance to win up to 5000 SGD in gaming hardware from Logitech. All you need to do is simple:

1. Head to (Don't forget to "Like" their page first)

2. Download the application form from the app and fill it up accordingly

3. Design a killer gaming machine along with the specifications and the rationale for it

4. Submit the form along with your design to

5. Keep your fingers crossed and hope that your submission will be selected as one of the Top 10

6. Vote away and win!

Easy right. I even prepared my own design to be submitted as part of the competition, as you can see below. That design is so going to win me an epic gaming computer that I've been waiting so long for. New gaming machine, come to papa! 

Lukey's Gear Wars Design

Or maybe not.


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