I See Your Foot

When you start working, time suddenly becomes the utmost importance to you. While last time I would spend my day rotting away without a care in the world, I now find myself dividing my days into number of hours according to activities and suddenly, I am concerned with working too "much" and having no "life".

Then I remembered reading a note by an NUS professor titled Work-Life Balance My Foot (link here).

In essence, I shouldn't be complaining about what I'm facing now. If my parents can do it, if generations that came before me can do it, why am I sitting here whining about a 2 hour journey to work? True, there may be better work out there for me but then again, having this sense of entitlement when I am just starting would just be selfish.

A month. I am going to give myself a month and see how things go.


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